Things You Need to Know about Online Hotel Booking

Things You Need to Know about Online Hotel Booking

Gone are the days of rushing to the travel agent’s office or waiting to book a hotel after reaching the destination. Online hotel booking has made our lives easier. But if you are not tech-savvy, you may face a tough time when you book a hotel online. And we warn you not to rush through the process blindly as it can lead you to trouble.

No worry. We have brought you a list of things that you need to keep in mind while booking a hotel online.

Mind the Location – The last thing you would want is to travel another two hours just after landing. To avoid such hassles, pick a place that is convenient for you to reach from the airport or the railway station. However, we don’t recommend you to select a hotel just next to these as such places are always clumsy.

Cheaper is Not Always the Better – Give the age-old idea of “the cheaper, the better” a break! Because, if the hotel compromises their quality of service, you won’t have anything to complain.

Book from Authentic Sites – You may come across some new sites’ flashing offers like “80% off on hotel bookings”! Such a deal is too good to be true! You sure don’t want to spend bucks on booking a hotel only to get your booking rejected by the hotel management. So book a hotel from the reputed hotel booking sites. You may also book your stay from the hotel’s official website itself.

Look for Recommended Hotels – Of course, you can find out a hotel online, but you can also take note of the recommendations by your acquaintances. Especially, if you want to book lavish and decorative boutique hotels in Kolkata, it’s better to learn the experiences of your friends and relatives.

Read Reviews – Once you look to book a hotel, make sure to read the reviews. Do the customers recommend the hotel? How was their stay? Are the staff cordial? Do they have the necessary amenities? Learn all about it!

Confirm with the Hotel – Now that you have booked your hotel from a site, don’t stop there! It’s time to confirm your booking with the hotel. Simply call the reception and give your booking details. Also, make sure to save the confirmation mail or message as a valid proof of booking. This single step can save you from various hassles.

Learn the Cancellation Policy – You cannot predict the future. You may have to cancel your booking due to some unforeseen emergencies. It’s better to learn the cancellation policy beforehand so that you have an assurance of getting a refund. However, if you are canceling just before two days of traveling, you have little chance of getting any refund.


Online hotel booking is a convenient way to plan a trip. These bookings can be done for domestic hotels as well as for international travel. Hotel booking online has made travelling globally much easier for tourists all over the world.
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