What It Takes To Become A Successful Software Developer

What It Takes To Become A Successful Software Developer

With the advent of the technological era and dynamic shift on modes of operations to tap in the power of technology, software development, engineering, testing, and maintenance is at an all-time high. The tech giants which are billion-dollar companies; Apple, Google, Facebook are all software companies.

Developers, therefore, have metrics and standards that the industry and clients rate them. From building a solid portfolio, timely delivery of quality work, taking feedback positively, here are habits that define the success of software developers;

Write clean, reusable, readable, testable code

For a specific project, there is an aspect of collaboration in the entire cycle of software development whereby different players are involved in every process. Clean code is well indented and properly structured in a manner that will be easy to read by other developers or testers and can be debugged with ease.

Crowded code with less focus on readability and neatness is a challenge and shortcoming on the part of the developer. Clean code can be easily read, tested by any member of the team.

Understand the business logic of the code

Always have a bigger picture in the development process and writing code. Think on the business premise of the project and have a client in mind. Do not just write a code that no one will use the product in the long run. Master the goal and the vision of the company to code logic. From the better user interface UI and User experience, the code should be able to ease users’ needs effortlessly.


Listen more to the feedback and always consult and seek diverse opinions from the teams at work or the users while still in process of development. Before implementing on a feature, think of a bigger picture and how it will be essential, go ahead and engage fellow team members on the best strategy to implement. Listen more and talk less.


Talent and expertise are not everything as especially in a diverse environment where people have varied opinions. The client's perspective may be different from yours hence need to listen and do what he thinks is best. You have to tolerate opinions and demands from many people even in some cases forced to start processes afresh.


The problems in software especially when a project has been deployed and is in production, users may have non-technical problems which are entirely their own failure to perform but still will rope you in to solve. Therefore, need to be a problem solver by default and always picture the scenario as quickly as you can.

Seek Help

Always seek support and help from colleagues, networks, friends, and even the internet. There are people willing to listen and offer assistance in the challenge you encounter. Always feel free to voice your need for help and assistance when you think you need it.

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