Why you need an electric motorbike

Why you need an electric motorbike

Motorcycles and the community surrounding them have been around since the early 1900s, and since then, our love for riding has only grown.

Fast forward to 2021, where you can send a message to the other side of the world in less than a second, and cars drive themselves.

While still not entirely mainstream, the idea of an exciting electric motorcycle shouldn't sound farfetched. Electric motorcycles may not offer all of the traditional benefits of a gas-powered motorcycle, like the vibrations or the noise you’ve come to love, there is a lot that may surprise you about getting an electric motorcycle.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider buying an electric motorcycle.

Reason 1: The Savings

This is easily the biggest selling point for electric motorcycles. While the cost of the bike itself can be the same, and sometimes more expensive than their gas-powered counterpart, the ongoing costs of an electric motorcycle are way lower.

The total savings depends on the specific model of bike you get, and what gas-powered bike you're comparing it to. However, in all cases, the refueling cost of an electric motorcycle is far lower than a traditional motorcycle.

Reason 2: Easier Maintenance 

Without all of the intricacies associated with a combustion engine, the maintenance of an electric motorcycle is generally much easier. With an electric bike, you don't have all of the fluids to worry about like you do with a gas engine. This alone means a lot less can go wrong, and if something does go wrong, there is a lot less to troubleshoot mechanically.

However, it’s worth noting, as with most electrical devices, when something does go wrong, it takes a certain set of skills to fix the issue. Rather than being well versed in mechanics, to fix an electric motorcycle, you should have some level of programming skills. With this being said, when issues do arise, they can be a hassle but overall scheduled maintenance on an electric motorcycle is easier for the average rider.

Reason 3: Ease of Use

With an electric motorcycle, to get going all you have to do is twist the throttle and you're off. You don't have to worry about shifting, stalling, or any of the other headaches that go along with the traditional manual transmissions you find in gas-powered motorcycles.

Reason 4: They Are Great For Road Trips

You can still take a road trip on an electric motorcycle without having to worry. With the average range on a single charge being around 150 Km, you can rest easy knowing that on a full charge, you can take a considerable trip.

Make sure if you take your electric motorcycle onto the twisties, you get yourself a helmet cam to film it all (learn more about them here). An electric motorcycle can handle just as well as a gas-powered motorcycle and you can go just as many places so you'll want to make sure you get all the beautiful views you see along the way on film.

Reason 5: They Are Better For Commuting & The Environment

Electric motorcycles are easier to commute on because they don't get as hot or uncomfortable as gas-powered motorcycles do. Since there is no gas engine, there is no exhaust. When you mount the bike, you won't have to worry about burning your legs on parts of the engine, or on the pipes. This makes an electric motorcycle a great choice for commuters.

Not to mention, a battery-powered motorcycle is a great way to lessen your personal contributions to C02 emissions in the atmosphere. With an electric vehicle, whether it's a car or motorcycle, you're dramatically lowering your emissions if you plan on commuting on it.

Wrapping it all up

When it comes to electric motorcycles, there is a lot to love. While there are some things they can't do, like match the speed of huge sportbikes, there is still a lot you can do on an electric motorcycle.

The biggest benefit to buying one is by far the savings, but there is more to it than that.

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