Women should pay much attention to their intimate area. Here's why!

Ladies Intimate Area

How Well Do You Know Your Intimate Area? 

Saying you know your face intimately is an understatement. By now, you must be very familiar with every freckle, beauty mark and childhood scar that graces your profile. Why wouldn’t you? Odds are it’s the one body part you see most often and pay the most attention to.

Let’s look away from the mirrors for a moment and get acquainted with another part of you that doesn’t get as much attention – your intimate area.

How much do you really know about it? Do you even think about it at all? Well, it’s time you did.

What makes the intimate area different from the rest of your body?

To begin with, the normal pH level is different.

The ideal intimate area’s pH level is about 3.5-4.5 as opposed to 5.5 for the rest of our skin. Using soap or body wash with the wrong level on this delicate part of the body could potentially disturb the pH balance – a natural protector against infection.

The delicate balance is easily disturbed.

This area’s pH level can change at various stages of our lives, namely during puberty and upon the onset of menopause. However, in between these two life stages, there are several other factors that can cause the intimate pH to fluctuate. With the precarious balance so easily affected, doesn’t that give you enough reason to pay good attention to your intimate area?

It needs special care.

When it comes to feminine hygiene, soap or body wash just won’t do. With a higher pH than your intimate area, soaps – especially scented ones – may not be suitable for use in the intimate area because they can affect the healthy balance of microorganisms. They can also be too harsh and dehydrating to the skin in this sensitive part of your body.

In a recent survey, it was discovered that more than 50% of women use regular body wash or soap to wash their intimate areas. Although the reasons behind these habits were not stated, it’s easy to imagine why this could be happening. Besides a lack of awareness, the convenience of using a single product on all parts of the body can tempt anyone to not give a second thought about how the intimate area needs special care.

Here’s a tip – the next time you take a shower, leave this area for last. By lathering and rinsing the rest of your body beforehand, you might be less tempted to wash it with regular soap and be better reminded to use a product specifically designed for it – a feminine wash.

Choose a feminine wash that supports the natural balance and is gentle enough for everyday use. Natural ingredients may help maintain a healthy environment for your intimate flora and prevent feminine discomforts.

Besides your feminine wash, you also need to cultivate healthy lifestyle habits. Something as simple as trading in that pair of constricting skinny jeans or tights for skirts, dresses or loose pants do a lot of good for your intimate area.

Isn’t it wonderful to learn something new about yourself? Now that you’ve gotten to know your intimate area more intimately, go ahead and use this new knowledge to make better feminine care choices.


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