10 Signs You’re Ready to Propose

10 Signs You’re Ready to Propose

Your mind is going back and forth. You know you’re ready to propose. But a little ounce of doubt seems to creep up on you every once in a while. Is getting cold feet normal? Are you secretly questioning yourself and if you’re ready to propose? You find these concerns popping up in your thoughts. But there’s no one to talk to about this without it sounding like you’re unsure about your relationship. Don’t worry. This is normal. And most people experience this just before they realize exactly what they want in their relationship. You love your partner, and you want to be with her. But you want to know if you are really ready to propose. Here are a few signs that will give you the much-needed clarity and confidence boost you need.

You’re Making Plans For Your Future With Your Partner in Mind

The first sign that you’re ready to propose is the fact that you are already planning all that you want to do in your life, and your partner is in the picture. You want to buy a house, with your partner’s dream kitchen in it. You want to travel the world, even to the destinations your partner wants to visit, but you don’t. You have thought of different plans for your future, and without even thinking of it, had your partner in mind. This means that you are 100% comfortable with the fact that you two will be spending the rest of your life together. And best of all, you want to experience all of these memories and milestones with her. This is a good sign that you’re ready to propose.

You Don’t Have Any Secrets From One Another

Everything and anything that you might have been choosing to keep to yourself at the beginning of the relationship is out in the open, and it’s totally okay. You have nothing to hide. And there’s nothing that will pop-up later on that is either questionable or a cause for concern. If you don’t have any secrets from one another, this is a good sign that you’re ready to propose. You are comfortable with one another and there’s nothing to hide. You’ve accepted each other’s mistakes, past, and their flaws. It’s all good. You’re ready for a future together.

You Can Argue, But Not Let It Ruin Your Relationship

Good communication is always the foundation of a healthy relationship. And as much as you want to avoid a fight, it’s inevitable in any relationship. You will disagree at some point. But the key to a healthy relationship is learning to control yourself. Don’t let an argument get the best of you, and potentially ruin your relationship. A good sign that you are ready to propose is the fact that you can argue without it ever ruining the relationship. Even if the discussion gets a little heated, you don’t let it be a reason to break-up or to give up on the relationship.

You Never Fight About Money

If you’re planning to spend the rest of your lives together, then you will have to deal with discussions regarding finance. If you’ve found that after a few years of being together, you never, or rarely ever, fight about money, then this is a good sign that you’re ready to propose. It’s a real deal-breaker if you and your partner argue a lot about money. It’s something that can turn ugly later on, and it’s a problem that you need to resolve before planning to spend the rest of your life together.

You Can Truly Say That You Have Mutual Respect For Each Other

Respect comes both during the good and bad days. You can hate your partner during a disagreement or a fall-out, but you will always respect them. According to clinical psychologist Franklin A. Porter, you have real respect for your partner when you acknowledge and understand that he or she has their own life, likes, interests, and needs, outside of your relationship. If you are confident that you both truly have mutual respect for one another, it’s a good sign that you are ready to get married. Respect will get you through even the toughest of times.

You Trust Each Other Without a Shadow of Doubt

If you know that you both trust each other without a shadow of a doubt, it means that you really know your partner well. You know their weakness and strengths. You know how they think, what decisions they’ll make, and what circumstances you’ll find them in. Simply put, you know everything about them, and you trust every move they make. You’re comfortable that they will be the best partner they can be. This trust will also get you through the harder days. This is why it’s a really good sign that you are ready to propose.

You Don’t See Any Problem or Obstacle That You Can’t Overcome

You know that spending the rest of your life together means having to overcome a whole lot of problems and obstacles. It doesn’t matter how great or healthy your relationship is. Life has its ways of throwing you curve balls that can rattle any couple. If you have a strong feeling that no problem or obstacle will ever get in the way of you both spending your lives together, then you’re ready to get married. A marriage that lasts is one that can overcome any problem or predicament that one may face. Having a relationship like this means that you are strong enough to stay together when you get married.

You Respect Each Other’s Privacy

In the long haul, spending the rest of your life together means being with each other all the time. And the smallest bit of privacy that you can keep for yourself becomes the biggest thing when it is the only spec of privacy you have. You’re in a good situation if you and your partner respect each other’s privacy without it ever becoming a problem. This is something that you need to also hold on to. You will lose this if you ever do anything that’s questionable and cause your partner to doubt you. It’s a working progress, but if you have this in the hat, then you’re ready to pop the question.

You’re Aware of Each Other’s Ambitions and Are Supportive of Them

Getting married means being part of each other’s lives. This also means being part of the backdrop of each other’s career paths and ambitions. If you know exactly what each other’s plans are for their life, and you are completely happy with this, and most importantly, you are supportive of this, then it’s a good sign that you’re ready to propose.

You Want to Get Married, Not Pressured to Do So

This is the big question you need to ask yourself before you get down on one knee. You need to ask yourself if you want to get married, and not just be pressured to do so. Unfortunately, with social media, and social norms, it’ll get to the point in most people’s lives when they feel pressured to get married. This is normal. And it’s okay to get married if you are ready to do so. But don’t just do it because of the pressure. You should want to as well. A little doubt is normal, but if most of the time, you are sure you are 100% ready to get married, then it is a good sign that you are.

Final Thoughts

Take it easy. Don’t worry too much. And take your time with the decision. There’s no rush in all of this. You have the rest of your life to make this happen. And if your partner truly loves you, the wait isn’t a problem. The important part is that you think things over enough that you will eventually reach a point of absolutely no doubt. Nothing but bliss and excitement for the moment that you can finally ask the love of your life to marry you. That’s the moment you’ll know that you’re ready to propose. And once you do, you can look forward to buying her the engagement ring of her dreams. 

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