A List of Health Insurance Companies in Kenya

A List of Health Insurance Companies in Kenya

Health Insurance is a type of insurance that provides compensation for medical expenses incurred from illness or disability. It’s also sometimes referred to as Medical Insurance.

Various forms of health insurance exist in Kenya. These health insurance solutions are provided by various insurers including the government, employers, local and regional insurance companies, and international insurance companies.

Based on this, the types of health insurance companies available can be grouped into four broad categories as follows:

  1. Public Health Insurance Companies
  2. Private Health Insurance Companies
  3. Employer-sponsored Health Insurance Companies
  4. International Health Insurance Companies

Public Health Insurance Companies



National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)

NHIF is a state parastatal that provides affordable medical insurance cover to all eligible Kenyans and the task of implementing Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the country. Information on its services and covers can be read in our incisive NHIF guide.

Private Health Insurance Companies


AAR Insurance

AIG Kenya Insurance

APA Insurance

Africa Medilink


CIC Insurance Group

Clarkson Insurance Brokers

Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers

Equity Insurance Agency

First Assurance

GA Insurance

Heritage Insurance


Jubilee Allianz Insurance

KCB Insurance Agency

KWFT AfyaFit

Kenindia Assurance

Liaison Group

MTN Insurance

Madison Insurance

Minet Kenya

Pacis Insurance

Pioneer Insurance

Resolution Insurance

Saham Assurance

Sahl Health

Sanlam Kenya

Sedgwick Kenya

Takaful Insurance of Africa

Trident Insurance Company

UAP Old Mutual

Xplico Insurance


Employer-sponsored Health Insurance Companies




TSC AON Minet is a medical scheme brokered by Minet Kenya for teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).


Defence Forces Medical Insurance Scheme (DEFMIS) is medical cover for retirees that have served in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

International Health Insurance Companies



Allianz Care

Bupa Global

Cigna Global

Henner Group

NOW Health International

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