As we stroll towards the end of the year, we enter the point where we need to look back and reflect on attitude and actions taken all through the year. This is necessary to help us gauge the difference between where we are, and where we plan to be. Just like the outer environment, sometimes the inner environment needs some sort of sanitation to ensure that it is in good and functional condition. Ever heard of servicing? That kind of thing you do to your cars and generators when their engines begin to wear out? Yes. The mind always needs that too to stay in good shape. Every event or challenge that we face in our life racks the iron bars of her mind together and leaves debris after they are long settled. These residues can come together to form bigger issues (especially anger-related problems) if not cleared from the mind.

Apart from this, there is just a fueling need for humans to put themselves on a scale from time to time. This might involve a lot more than it seems, as the mind, unlike the kitchen table, needs more than Dettol to be wiped clean. The effects that pent-up emotions can have on a human being are indeed without limits. Psychologists have proven that most times, our actions and inactions are a product of our most significant past experiences, whether good or bad. Some psychologists have even argued that the causes of a person’s behavior can be traced far back to unsorted childhood insecurities. This is why it advisable that from time to time, one should shed unwanted weight from the mind. This would ease its responsibility and make processing very much easier.

A few of the many things that are needed to be done to put the mind in perfect condition include:


Bad habits are the greatest and most deadly type of addiction. Sometimes they could eat deep into your mind and make you do unimaginable things without even a blink. This does not mean that the whole of your person has become bad or that you have lost your sanity. It is only normal that we all should have that part of us that we are not proud of. Permit me to drag in the notion of religion, where it is believed that committing a sin isn’t as grave as willingly staying and lounging in it. Just this way, letting a bad habit eat you up can have very grave consequences. This is why you need to toss them out before they become attached-culture. To do this, you need to bring yourself to the light of the fact that whatever bad habit you have engaged in is doing more good than harm. You should also consider talking to a counselor if you feel the need to.


We all have our fears and weaknesses. Some of these fears have been chasing us from the very onset of our lives. A lady is said to have many fears because she lacks the amount of courage needed to face some situations. But I choose to argue that a lady may have many fears only because she has great visions and ambitions that may first try to scare her, but she later overcomes them. The time has come to put your mind in place so you need to stop answering your heart’s question and start doing the asking. What is my fear? Why am I scared of this? these are the important question that needs prompt answers. The fact here is that the steps that scare us the most yield the most rewards most times. You never know until you try, you might never try until you know – until you know that your fears are the only things that stand between you and your achievements.


You are a function of what you see, hear, say, and respond to. These things depend solely on the type of people that you acquaint yourself with. It is for this reason that we advise that you surround yourself not only with the right people, but with the type of right people that sees, appreciates, and respects our perspectives concerning life. To do this, you need to know your own definition of the right people. This means that you need to have tried as far as you can, to define the type of people that work for you. This way, it would be easy for you to avoid unnecessary fall-outs with people. Remember though that this does not mean that you cannot fall-out with even these right types of people. In situations when you have such differences (especially the cases where you are wrong), you need to understand that the present condition of things cannot suddenly make them the wrong person. This is why we encourage that you repair broken relationships and make a reasonable effort to see that it gets back to normal.


A woman without peace within cannot extend to the people around her. It is simply a game of not being able to give what you do not have. So you need to take out time to reason out what are the issues that still linger somewhere within. Settle them within, and come to resolving conclusions about them. Communicate pent-up feelings and emotions to due persons, and do so with all sincerity. After this is done, you now need to ensure that you do not give unnecessary people the chance to provoke you to anger and steal your peace. Listen, but be slow to reply. Some therapists that you take a count of one to ten in your heart before replying an annoying statement, this is so that you handle it with utmost sanity and composure. Some other therapists have advised that you give yourself a one-month no-violence test. During the course of this month, you are required to make sure that you do not quarrel over anything with anybody.

In conclusion, you need to be keen on retaining your happiness. The only way your mind stays pure and free from left-over troubles is by taking an un-shaking decision not to let any insignificant prey on your happiness. Also, a woman with a detoxed mind maintains a genuine and healthy smile. It is not a sign of vulnerability, but a sign of grace and beauty.
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