KMTC Top 10 Marketable Certificate Courses And Their Requirements

KMTC Top 10 Marketable Certificate Courses And Their Requirements

Every Kenyan candidate is always aiming to get the best grades that will give them an opportunity to join the best institutions in the region so as they pursue their preferred career course that gives them a good life thereafter.

It always remains a fact that not every  Kenyan KCSE student always ends up joining universities. Most students miss an opportunity to secure a slot in their preferred university does not mean the end of their education and career.

Here is the list of certificate courses and their requirements that are offered in Kenya Medical Training College. some of these courses are marketable certificates than some degree courses.

1. Cert. In health records and IT.

It is a  course that involves studying all the health records techniques and requirements with the help of Information Technology due to the digitalization in this current age.

This program takes about 2 years and students need to get at least a KCSE mean score of C- (minus) to be considered. Some KMTC colleges such as Nairobi, Garissa, and Kitui offer this course.

2. Cert in Environmental Health Sciences.
This course is offered in KMTC campuses such as Kabarnet, Eldoret, Embu, etc. KCSE mean grade score of C-  (minus) with C- in English, mathematics or physics  D+ in and a C- in Biology.

3. Cert. in Orthopaedic Trauma Medicine/plaster technology.
The KCSE mean grade of C- (minus) and a C- in the English language plus a D+ in Maths or Physics. It is offered offer  Machakos Nairobi and Chuka, both KMTC campuses.

4. Cert. in medical engineering.
This also takes 2 years to study and one has to have got a mean grade of a C- in KCSE to stand a chance. It is offered in Kilifi KMTC among other campuses.

5 . Cert in Nursing.
It is among the marketable certificate courses in Kenya. It takes 2.5 years for one to complete this course and it is offered in colleges such as Lodwar Kabarnet among others.

6. Cert. In Health Promotion for the Deaf.
It is a certificate course purely for deaf students. It takes about two years to study, one must have had a D+ in English or Kenyan sign language and a D in Maths or  Chemistry.

7. Cert. in Community Nutrition.
It takes about 2 years and it is offered in colleges such as Thika, Homabay among other KMTC campuses.

8. Cert. In Community Health/ Nursing.
Kcse mean score of C- is required. Other requirements are  C- in English or  Kiswahili and a C- in Biology or  Biological Science plus a D+ in Chemistry or Physics.

9. Cert . InNutrition and Dietetics.
For considering in this course one needs to have a mean score of D+ in KCSE plus a D+ in English or  Kiswahili and Bio and a D in Chemistry or physics.

10. Cert. In Psychiatric Nursing.
It also takes 2.5 years to study. Consideration is given to those who have had a C- in English or  Kiswahili and Biology and a D+ in Maths or  Physics.

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