Robert Alai to vie for a parliamentary seat in 2022 elections

Robert Alai to vie for a parliamentary seat in 2022 elections

Controversial Kenyan blogger Robert Alai has made his political ambitions known to the public by declaring his interest to vie for a parliamentary seat in the forthcoming 2022 general elections.

Speaking during an interview with Radio Maisha’s show dubbed “ Hot Seat” the blogger said his decision was influenced by voter’s wishes in the Nyando region in Nyanza.

“I am going to view for the Nyando MP seat in the coming elections,” said Alai, adding that running for public office is for “service and not greed.”

Speaking on why he ventured into blogging as a career option, Alai said he is a blogger due to life’s circumstances other than choice.

 “I don’t get paid (for exposes). I have done a lot of free work and I think it’s time they started paying. I have made names for people but I didn’t see a need to charge them. I’m not a blogger, I’m a computer scientist- I only write because I have an opinion,” he told the radio hosts.

Speaking in his Head of State Commendation awarded to him by the president, the controversial journalist insisted that he never paid for it and his accolade was long overdue.

“I’m not elected but I influence society. Whether it’s positive or negative, it depends on who you ask. We have saved and changed lives. Haters started talking trash simply because I was awarded alongside Githeriman,” said Alai, revealing that the Head of State Commendation title only comes with a medal and letter from the president and no monetary awards.

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