Steps to Verify Payoneer Account in Kenya

Steps to Verify Payoneer Account in Kenya

Verifying a Payoneer account can be both vexing and time-consuming. You must upload utility bills that show your residential address for your account to be approved.

However, Payoneer does not accept P.O. Box addresses. Yet most Kenyans receive their utility bills and letters through P.O. Box addresses.

If you upload documents showing a P.O Box address, Payoneer will reject your account.

Find out what you can do in this dilemma and get your account Approved Instantly.

If you are a Kenyan citizen, you know how we get our letters, right! Through a Posta Address. Utility bills are sent to us through these addresses. Some people might be having residential addresses, especially those in well-planned affluent estates.

But most of us use P.O. Box addresses. Hence, utility bills will have the P.O. Box addresses displayed. But Payoneer wants Residential addresses. So you are forced to create Utility Bills that display a residential address.

Legit or not, that’s the only way your Payoneer account will be verified unless they change their verification policies to allow P.O. Box Verification.

Am sure almost everyone reading this page can tell the usefulness of Payoneer over other payment methods. The fact that you can send payment requests to anyone and they can pay you using their debit/Credit cards, and the fact that you can connect your local bank irrespective of your country and withdraw to a bank directly at low charges makes it outstanding..

Now that we have known that Payoneer is one of the top international payment methods for business owners how then can one open a verified Payoneer Account for free? Let’s see how it goes.

Details Needed To Open A Verified Payoneer Account

Registering a Payoneer account is as easy as signing up on every other website. What you need is just:

🔥An Active Email address

🔥Your Phone Number

🔥Your ID card – Any Gov. Issued ID is acceptable

🔥Your Name and other details as stated in your ID

If You can get all of the above details based on the country Payoneer account you want to create, then you are good to go. Follow the below steps to get started.

So here is how to get this done

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Step 1: Choose Your Residential Address.

Visit Google Maps and Zoom in to your location (or any location with labeled Roads)

Make sure the location has a well-labeled road which, if searched on google maps, will be found.

Step 2: Compose Arbitrary Residential Address

Come up with an arbitrary address that follows Payoneer’s billing address format:

  •  Address Line 1
  •  Address Line 2
  •  City/Town
  •  Postal/ZIP Code
  •  Country

For Address Line 1, write down the Road.

For Address Line 2, write down an arbitrary apartment name and room number.

For City/Town, write down the City or Town in which the Road you chose exists.

For Zip Code, enter the city’s Zip Code, I.e., 00100

Lastly, for Country, Write Kenya

Step 3: Update Payoneer Billing Address

  1. Log into your Payoneer Account
  2. Go to Setting and select Profile Setting
  3. Scroll Down to Address and Click on Edit.
  4. Input the address we have just generated as it is. Be careful not to make any spelling mistakes.
  5. Counter-check and click on Save.

Step 4: Create the Utility Document or Buy one.

If you are computer savvy, you can start by searching and downloading a Utility bill in PDF format from the internet. Then using an application like Adobe Photoshop to edit it.

When editing the document, Ensure that the following.

  •  The address you use matches the address you’ve created above. If your utility bill address does not match the billing address EXACTLY, you risk having your verification disapproved.
  •  The name you use in the address matches your Payoneer address. If they don’t match, you might not get verified.
  •  All the dates indicated in the document must be within the last three months, and they all must be coherent. Referring to the sample KPLC bill, if your Date of Issue at the top and the Date due at the bottom are incoherent, e.g., One is 2021, and the other Is 2017, your document will be declined.
  •  When editing, ensure the fonts and colors you use match the document.

If you don’t have the editing software to make these changes, you can pay a graphic designer to do it for you. The graphic designer, though, ought to have sample utility bills to do so.

Step 5. Upload the Utility Bill on Payoneer

To upload your utility bill for verification

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to Settings and Select Verification Center
  3. Go to Address verification and Upload your Utility Document.
  4. Click on Save/Submit

It normally takes 24-48 hours for documents to be verified by Payoneer, so be patient.

Submit Your Required Documents Now

Steps to Verify Payoneer Account in Kenya

So, here’s how you can quickly and simply provide documentation in order to continue using the Global Payment Service.

  1. Sign in to your Payoneer account
  2. Go to Settings and then to Verification Center 
  3. Click on Account Verification and Provide Business Details to see which documents you need to provide.

👉Submit my documents now


Payoneer serves many Kenyans who make money online. It surprises me that the company hasn’t made any attempts to simplify its verification process.

Checking online, I realized this problem also persists in other countries such as Nigeria, Pakistan, and India, where there are many online jobs workers.

So, cut yourself the slack of explaining to them and give them what they want.

All the best.

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