Tease him till he can't keep his cool anymore!

Tease him till he can't keep his cool anymore!

When you want to get your partner’s attention and make sure
he’s focusing on you, and the sexy things you can do together, playful and sexy
teasing will turn you both on. Done right, teasing is subtle, sexy, and
sensual. You can tease each other until you’re begging for more or let it be
the catalyst to amazing sex together. Either way, you increase your intimacy
with each other and find new ways to initiate sex.

How do you know what will turn him on and tease him in the
right way? Part of that comes with time. You need to know him well enough to
understand what turns him on, what he notices, and what he likes. You may have
to play with different techniques to find what really gets his attention in the
right way.

No matter what you specifically do, there are three elements
that help:

  • Be
    confident because confidence is always sexy. Not feeling it? Fake it until
    you make it really works.

  • Be a
    bit unpredictable so you catch him a bit off guard and give him something
    different or new to experience.

  • Use
    your body and body language to send a message from the way you sit to the
    way you smile and everything in between.

Need more? Here are 12 sexy ways to tease your man.


Many people, including a lot of men, are most impacted by
visual stimuli. The more they see -- or don’t see -- the more interested they
are. Give him something to look at and wonder about, and you’ll definitely have
him thinking about what he’d like to do with you later. Undress in front of him
and give him a little strip tease while you do it. Wear shirts that show a
little skin or slip off your shoulder. Undo those top buttons and wear a good
bra (you know the one). Even stereotypical things like sucking on a lollipop,
eating an ice cream cone, or biting into a banana really do work. He’s focused
on your mouth and what it could do to him.


Want to get your partner’s mind rolling down a sexy path?
Share one of your sexy or kinky fantasies with him. Go into as much detail as
you’d like but give him the opportunity to picture you both doing that sexy
thing together. If saying it out loud feels weird, this is a great time for
sexting. Send him text messages letting him know, in detail, what’s going on in
that sexy mind of yours. If he responds in a positive way, you know you’ve got
him turned on and ready for you.


Romantic dancing lets you show off your curves
and flexibility

Turn on some music that has a beat that makes you want to
move and start dancing. You can dance for him or with him. Do what feels right
in the moment. And if he wants to join you, that’s a chance to tease while
touching him. Dancing lets you show off your curves and ability to move. When
you move in certain ways, he’s thinking of sex with you which, of course, is
the whole point. You don’t have to dance standing up, either. Sit on his lap
and give him a bump and grind lap dance. Rubbing your body against his will
definitely get him thinking about sex. The longer you do it, the more he’ll be
tormented in the sexiest way possible.


When most people think of erotic or sensual massages, the
partner on the receiving end is usually female. While that’s sexy in its own
way, turn the tables on him. Give him a massage instead, running your hands up
and down his body, focusing on sensitive spots that don’t usually get
attention. Of course, focusing on the spots that love attention isn’t a bad
idea either. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sensual massage of your own, either.
Touching you all over will be a turn on for him, too.


Masturbation definitely has a healthy place in
relationships. If it’s something you typically do alone, now is the time to let
him catch you. Make sure you’re visible so he knows exactly what you’re doing.
This isn’t a time to hide under the covers. Get naked and let him see you
writhing in pleasure. Once he catches you, encourage him to watch, help you
out, or join in on the fun. No matter which he chooses, you’ll both have a good


Let him watch you applying lotion to your body

You can let him catch you getting ready or you can
deliberately do this in front of him, whatever works best. Put on some sexy
underwear or lingerie. Something that covers you a bit but also shows off your
body. You’ll capture his attention by letting him imagine what he can’t see.
Apply lotion to your body, lifting a leg in a sensual way or bending over in
front of him. Add an erotic element by asking him to rub lotion into a spot you
can’t reach. Now he’ll be touching you which can lead to all kinds of sexy fun.


Reading erotic fiction or listening to erotic audiobooks
might be your me-time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to your
advantage. Instead of hiding
what you’re reading or listening to, let him find you while you’re enjoying it.
Encourage him to lay in bed with you while you read. Let him know how turned on
you are or share a sexy or racy passage. Or share your erotic audiobook and the
vibrator with him together. He’ll be turned on with you, and when you’re
done, you can both have fun together.


Men receive a lot of advice about how to talk to their
partners. We all want to hear that we’re wanted and loved and considered sexy
and desirable. So do men, though. Let him know you think he’s hot and sexy. Say
it sweetly or with a bit of dirty talk. Kiss him deeply and passionately. Gaze
into his eyes. Play with his hair. Not only will it make him feel good, but it’ll also make him feel wanted -- which is always good for the soul and the sex you have


Unleash your own beauty and sexiness in many different ways

If you don’t feel particularly sexy, this one will help you
too. Put on some pretty or sexy lingerie in a style and color you love. He’ll
think you’re gorgeous and want to get his hands on you. Find reasons to bend
over in front of him -- whether you’re in lingerie or tight yoga pants. Let him
get a good view of your butt. Sway your hips when you walk. When you wear
something low cut or you wear the good bra that gives you mega cleavage, lean
toward him, bend over, and remind him of what’s underneath.


Anytime you’re sitting together -- watching a movie, reading
on the couch, in a booth at a restaurant -- take the opportunity to cuddle up
close. Press your body against his. Whisper sexy things in his ear. Run your
hands over his leg or arm. If privacy allows, lightly stroke his groin through
his pants. You’re not trying to get him off, only tease him with what you might
do later.


We mentioned it above, but let’s talk about this in more
detail. Want to make sure he’s thinking about sex with you all day? Sext him.
Send nude photos. Tell him, in detail, what you want to do with or to him. Tell
him what you want him to do with him. Get as sexy, erotic, or kinky as you
want. Encourage him to tell you what he wants to do with you, too. That he
might be getting these messages while at work and can’t do anything about it
only heightens the tease.


Go beyond cuddling with him and help him touch you. Take his
hands and put them where you want them. Wiggle your butt at him until he smacks
it or rubs it. Put his hand on your breast and give him a suggestive look.
Casually put his hand over your groin. If you’re watching TV or doing something
else, keep doing what you’re doing as if it’s no big deal that you’ve “made”
him grope you. You’ll probably shock him, but you’ll turn him on, too.

If you’ve never been the one to initiate sexy fun with your
partner, it might feel strange to tease him. Give it time, and once you see how
well he responds, you’ll want to do it more often. Use what you know turns him
on to try new things and let him know you want him in creative
ways. Letting your partner know how much you want him and showing it in
sexy, flirty ways can be great for your relationship in the long-term, too. You
build intimacy and keep the sexy spark alive. It’s a win-win for

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