Top Tips to Wearing Slit Dresses During Graduation Ceremony

Top Tips to Wearing Slit Dresses During Graduation Ceremony

Slitted dress for women is something glamorous in the world of fashion. The high slit on any dress looks sexy and makes heads turn. This style of fashion is not only met on the red carpet. Graduands also prefer to wear this clothing on graduation day.

A high-slit dress is not simply to display the colored legs but to convey it in the loveliest way. However, every outfit has instructions and tips to be followed. The dressing has rules and it’s critical to maintain them.

Consider your comfort

Before you wear a high-slit dress, consider your comfort. You do not always have to wear a thigh-high slit. A mid-calf slit or a low slit is quite better. A front or side sit is enough to enhance your appearance. Choose the length according to your choice and comfort.

Select the accurate footwear

You need to select the correct footwear with your slit dresses. High heels are always perfect. You can choose either pointed heels or wedges according to your comfort. Just ensure you wear heels with your slit dress. The heels function admirably with the slit and will make your legs look lengthier. Additionally, if you want to flaunt your slit dress a bit, you can wear a boot. Knee-length boots are nice with high-slit dresses or skirts.

Combine with leggings

If you want to feel comfortable with the slitted dress, you can combine it with leggings. You can wear a high slit dress or skirt with a net or plain leggings. It will add to your look and you will feel good as well.

Spanx can save the day

Most women do not want to flaunt the faulty parts of their body when they wear a slitted dress for women. Here is when a Spanx becomes helpful. It is perfect for high-slit dresses. It makes you look slimmer. Likewise, it serves the purpose of wearing cycling shorts under your dress.

Choose long dresses and skirts

If you are always comfortable with a high slit on short gowns or skirts, you can try to wear long dresses and skirts. The extra fabric of the long dress or skirt will create more convenience for you. It can also build your confidence if you disapprove of going exposed.

Choose an outwardly charming neckline

On their own, leg-exposing slits have enough stretching and thinning power. You can upgrade your high-slit dress with some elegant neckline. You can consider wearing a high-cut or statement neckline. The neckline further creates an elegant look with your neckline dress.

Play around a slight side slit

If you are not perfectly certain about wearing a deep frontal slit, you can try a sight-side slit. You can choose a more slightly positioned side slit. A side slit offers the same exciting look like a frontal slit. A frontal slit is a more restrained style.

Ensure the dress fits perfectly

Any dress you wear should be perfectly fitting. The same goes for a high-slit dress. The dress ought to be fitting to your body like a custom-made dress. The dress should fit like a glove without any fault. When you move in different ways, it shouldn’t create any wrinkles. People should not also see through any part of your body. You do not want any extra gaps for the dress to shift around or lift.

Tape the right places

You do not always have to use a lot of stylish tapes. You only have to tape the right places on the dress. You can tape about an inch or more away from the edge of the dress. Your dress should lay and move naturally on your body. When you tape the right edges of the dress, the dress sits right on your body. There is still a stylish and slight change on the edge of the dress.


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