10 Things to Know Before Starting a Youtube Channel

10 Things to Know Before Starting a Youtube Channel

There are many of us who aspires to be on YouTube and here are the 10 things you need to know before starting a YouTube channel based on my personal experience.

Learning these tips can help you grow your channel faster, avoid possible mistakes that can affect your channel, save time, and get monetized without problems.

1. Determine Why You Want To Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a good side-hustle. However, it isn’t an overnight success. You have to ask yourself why you want to pursue becoming a YouTuber or a Content Creator:

  • Is it because you want to express yourself, your skills, and your talents?
  • Is it your goal to be popular and famous?
  • Has it been your dream to achieve wealth and financial freedom?
  • Are you changing jobs and you want to become a full-time creator?
  • Do you just want a side-hustle for extra income?
  • Is making videos your hobby and want to have some fun on YouTube?
  • Were you inspired by a particular person or group of people?

Either way, all reasons are validated.

Growth Takes Time

However, know that YouTube growth takes commitment and dedication.

It is very important to have a passion for it and not merely want to become famous.

To be successful means to invest your time in the platform.

To risk and dedicate your time to it whether if you believe that you will become a successful creator or not.

If you want to become a YouTuber to become famous only, sad to say, it’s going to be a burnout.

Enjoy the Process

Enjoy what you do in the process and learn lessons as you grow in the platform.

Set a good intention, focus on your goal, and all your efforts will definitely pay off.

Maybe not today, but at the right time, things will happen the way you want them to be.

There’s no need to rush. In the meantime, continue what you have started already.

Until one day, you’ll just look back and see how far have you come already.

2. Create a Channel Name that is Easy to Remember and Spell

One of the things that you need to know before starting a YouTube channel is the importance of having a good channel name.

This is very simple and you can create any channel name that you want.

But if you want people to easily remember you.

Come back to watch your videos, create a channel name that is easy to remember and spell.

You can use your beautiful name or words that resonate with you and the concept of your channel.

3. Create an Attractive Profile Picture and Banner

Do you often subscribe to channels that have attractive profile pictures and banners?

That indicates good profile pictures and banners have a huge impact on your viewers’ overall perspective about a channel.

So, make them beautiful and welcoming.

A good YouTube banner is very important but what does it take for the YouTube banner to be good?

Add at least your channel name, upload schedule, and content.

Adding your upload schedule will inform your viewers of the day and time when you specifically upload videos. So, they can stay tuned for that.

Add your main content on the banner to let the new viewers know what type of videos you create.

When it matches their interests, there’s a high chance that they will subscribe.

4. Read YouTube Guidelines and Policies

Reading YouTube Guidelines and Policies is a must.

It can help you avoid creating content that is not allowed on YouTube and keep your channel safe from strikes. 4 Strikes can lead to channel termination.

To avoid copyright infringement, use copyright-free music on your videos.

There are many channels that create free music just like Audio Library on YouTube.

Avoid Copyrighted Songs

If songs are copyrighted, it means that they are licensed.

If you use copyrighted music and give credits in the description box, you can still get a copyright claim.

When a video has a copyright claim, you will not be able to monetize the video.

But compared to a copyright strike, strikes are more dangerous.

It happens when the owner of the music itself took legal action to take down your video.

According to YouTube Help, a channel with 3 consistent copyright strikes in the same 90-day period can lead to termination.

Avoid Creating Music Playlists

If you’re a content creator in the aesthetic YouTubers community, avoid doing a full music playlist.

Because it can get a copyright strike even if the music is copyright-free.

It’s illegal and I experienced it before as I was irresponsibly unconscious about the rules.

The music reached over 400k views and it got taken down in just a snap because of the strike.

Lesson learned and I stopped creating content like that to give respect to all owners of the music.

You can use their copyright-free music but not as a playlist video.

Create High-value Content

Also, again, if you’re part of the aesthetic YouTuber community, please be careful with what videos you upload.

If you want to get monetized without any problems, please avoid videos like aesthetic usernames, aesthetic pfp, aesthetic music playlist, etc.

Because YouTube might see it as low-value content. Each type of content has its own value.

According to YouTube Creators Academy, Entertainment is the type of video that makes more money.

Because it’s one of the most popular topics on YouTube.

Therefore, it’s more valuable.

But if your niche is like mine, you can maybe focus on tutorials and app recommendations.

That way, it’s safer and you can get app sponsorships in the future.

5. Study YouTube SEO

Studying YouTube SEO will surely make your life as a content creator easier.

This will help you grow your channel faster, avoid mistakes and save time.

The YouTube SEO played a big role in my channel’s growth.

I started applying the Youtube SEO on my videos last September 2020 and I saw significant changes in my channel’s performance.

My views, subscribers, and comments improved.

Until one of my videos suddenly started getting massive views along with my 2 other videos in January and February that gained 15k and almost 100k views in just a month.

6. Be Aware of the YouTube Partnership Program

Every content creator has the opportunity to be part of the YouTube Partner Program (or YYP).

As long as you’re able to reach the requirements, you’re already eligible to apply for the program. The requirements are:

  • No active community guidelines strikes
  • Enable 2-step verification on your Google Account
  • 1k subscribers
  • 4k valid watch hours

Just make sure that your YouTube channel is following the YouTube Guidelines and Policies.

Because they will review your channel before you can enable the ADS on your videos.

If you get rejected, you’ll have to wait for a few days. Or, even months for them to review your channel again.

Grow Your Channel Organically

Make sure to grow your channel organically because YouTube does not allow fake engagement.

Buying views and subscribers is illegal.

YouTube knows when creators watch their videos using multiple browsers at the same time.

They can decrease your subscribers and watch hours.

Therefore, starting again to reach the requirements for monetization.

I’m saying this based on the experience of someone I personally know in real life.

So, please, please, grow your channel organically.

Fake engagement can be subject to channel termination.

The right people will find you at the right time.

For more information, read Fake Engagement Policy here.

7. Never Compare Yourself To Other Content Creators

It’s the best feeling to have freedom from comparing yourself to other content creators.

They may have a large audience and following, but that’s okay.

There’s no need for comparison.

You don’t have to feel bad, just focus on your own growth and the people who support you.

Never consider YouTube as a competition. But rather, a sanctuary for your creativity and love for content creation.

One of the reasons that keep me motivated on YouTube is the fact, that I choose to compete with myself.

I choose to compete with my own videos’ ranking and performance.

It’s always been one of my goals to surpass my most well-performing videos.

When my latest video surpasses and ranks 1st compared to my older and most viewed video, I call it a success!

It means that my latest video is getting more engagements than the rest of my videos.

Without having the mindset of surpassing anyone, it gives peace and motivation to create more content.

Support Your Co-creators

To see your co-creators and feel proud of their growth is the best feeling.

Never see them as your competitors, but your inspiration to upload more videos and improve.

I admit that I couldn’t help but feel jealous of others before.

Because it seemed like everything was working out for them and not for me.

Which, made me question the value of my videos though I felt like I did my best already.

However, I overcame that habit because it wasn’t healthy.

I wanted to create a more positive working environment for myself and good relationships.

There’s no need to feel devalued.

If others have big channels already, they truly deserve it because they worked hard for it.

Consider them as your inspiration and motivation.

With that shift in mindset, you can find meaning in what you do and start loving your craft.

Celebrate your victories- whether big or small.

Savor the feeling of fulfillment.

Focus on your own growth and the people who genuinely support you, that will make a difference.

8. Know That YouTube Does Not Judge Your Video

You may think that some content creators are more favored by YouTube because they get massive views, comments, and subscribers.

But that’s not true.

YouTube does not judge either if your video is long or short.

YouTube does not judge what type of content you create.

Your background and the people in your video.

Some videos go viral even without following the algorithm simply because they get a lot of engagements.

Meaning, their thumbnail is eye-catching, wherein even non-subscribers would watch the video when it gets recommended to them.

The title is intriguing and the content is interesting.

You Can Blow Up Without Following The Algorithm

4 weeks ago, my little sister created a new account on YouTube again.

She’s 11 years old and she does short animations.

Without following the algorithm, one of her 9-second videos gained more than 100k views in the course of 4 weeks.

This didn’t happen only once.

One of her short animation videos gained over 20k views overnight since her video went live.

So, please don’t assume that YouTube hates you.

It’s a system and there’s no particular format for a video to go viral according to YouTube Creator Academy.

As long as it gets a lot of engagements, YouTube will boost the video to a bigger audience.

Just like the videos on your recommendations with massive views.

9. Know That You Can Get Verified on Google Adsense Without a PIN

It’s very important to know that you can get verified on Google Adsense without a PIN.

If you’re from the Philippines like me, the PIN sent to your billing address may take some time to arrive.

Especially if you’re in the provincial area.

However, Google Adsense says that your billing address should be verified within the course of 4 months. I

f you fail to do that, your videos will stop generating revenue.

You won’t be able to withdraw your salary, too.

I requested my first PIN in October 2020. But it took too long to arrive.

The first PIN arrived on the 3rd/4th week of February 2021 and the 3 others in March 2021.

Request To Get Verified Without a PIN

Keep an eye on the number of remaining attempts on your Google Adsense dashboard after you requested the first PIN.

When the first PIN hasn’t still arrived after 2-4 weeks, you can request another PIN.

But when the PINs haven’t still arrived and all the remaining attempts have been used.

That’s the time when you can finally request Google Adsense to verify your billing address without a PIN.

I applied and got verified on the same day on February 5, 2021.

However, make sure that you can comply with the 3 requirements before you do that:

  • your 4 attempts have been used
  • you have reached the $100 threshold
  • your government ID

Make Sure Your Personal Details Are Correct

Click help then PIN troubleshooter.

Answer a few questions then click, contact us, fill up and comply with the requirements.

If you’re a student, you can use your school ID, which I also did.

For the billing address, I used my passbook.

Make sure that your name and billing address are of the same details on your personal information on your Google Adsense Account.

Otherwise, you will get rejected.

After you comply with the requirements, you will get an email within a few minutes from Google Adsense.

Once your billing address has been verified, one of your Google Adsense dashboards will look like this and you can finally withdraw your first payment any day of the month as long as it has reached the $100 threshold:

10. You Can Get Monetized Without Showing Your Face

There’s a myth about this surfacing online.

But whether that be you’re protecting your personal identity or privacy, know that you can still apply for YouTube Partner Program.

Yes, you can get monetized without showing your face on your videos!

As long as you follow the YouTube Guidelines and Policies, you are eligible to apply for monetization.

Even if you don’t do voiceovers, you can still get monetized and get paid every 21st of the month.

Most of my videos focus on app recommendations, tutorials, and aesthetic visuals. I was at 5k subscribers in October 2020.

But when I was able to reach my first 4k watch hours, I was already eligible for monetization.

I applied to YouTube Studio and they reviewed my channel.

After 48 hours, I got an email, saying that I’d been approved to join the Youtube Partner Program.

Since then, I started to generate revenue from my videos after enabling the ADS.


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