12 Things Every Woman Actually Wants For Valentine's Day

12 Things Every Woman Actually Wants For Valentine's Day

Okay fellas, you officially have less than a week to prepare.

So here's a comprehensive list of every little thing girls actually want for Valentine's Day.

1. Flowers

Okay, this is number one for an obvious reason. The simplest way to brighten her day (and her living room) Guys, know your girl's favorite flower, they are always sure to melt her heart.

2. Chocolate/Candy

Aaaaand what do girl's love more than chocolate? The answer is simple - not much. But the simplicity of giving her her favorite sweets is a good way to show her that you are always thinking about her and that you know all of her favorite things.

3. Jewelry

Okay... you can NEVER go wrong with this one. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings. Girls love jewelry because it serves as a constant visual reminder of you every time she puts it on or looks at it.

4. A handwritten letter

Valentine's Day is supposedly the most romantic day of the year, and what is more romantic than giving your girl a handwritten letter that reminds her of how you feel?! Girls are suckers for somewhat antiquated dating traditions, and this one will be sure to make your girl smile.

5. A dinner made or chosen just for her

Is your girl a 5-star-rooftop-view-date kinda girl or is she more of a casual pizza and soda? Either way, girls love food, and planning out a romantic meal for you too, based on what she likes the most, is always a good way to her heart.

6. A movie marathon night

As her guy, you should know her favorite movies. Rent or buy those movies (if they aren't on Netflix) and plan an exclusive, romantic movie marathon date with lots of popcorn, strawberries, and maybe even some bubbly.

7. A spa day

Okay, listen up. Your girl is always taking care of you and putting you first, so return the favor in helping her take care of herself. Buy her a massage or take her to get her nails done. It is sure to make her feel beautiful and absolutely adore you for thinking of something so sweet!

8. A playlist

Nothing is more romantic than hearing your S.O. show you songs that remind him of you. Fellas, make her a playlist of the corniest, most lovey-dovey songs that you know your girl will love! (And don't forget to make "your song" the first one on the playlist)

9. A picture or collage of you two

Everyday reminders of you are always a good idea. Put the cutest picture of you two in a frame and I'm sure that it'll stay next to her bed at all times.

10. A jar full of notes, quotes, and date ideas

Okay now THIS is a winner.

11. A basket full of her favorite things

Candy, gift cards, bath bombs... Literally ANYTHING can go in a gift basket designed specifically for your girl. Make a list of a few of her favorite things and find ways to incorporate them into the basket that she's bound to enjoy!

12. Literally anything personalized

Girls love validation. Anything that you do or make that reminds her of you is sure to make her happy. Jewelry with your initials, a picture with cute quote about how you feel, or even a map of the place where you first met or started dating. The possibilities are endless!

Getting your girl a few of these small things are sure to make her heart melt this Valentine's Day.

But ultimately, she's your girl and you should know her best. Get her anything that you know she will like! Doesn't have to be big, just meaningful and validating of your love for her!

Best of luck!

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