5 fruits that are known to keep that sexual energy flowing

Woman eating a mango

What’s better than the taste of delicious fruits, besides how good they make you feel? Many of them are said to be aphrodisiac in nature. How sweet is that? Here are my top 5 fruits that are known to keep that mojo going and sexual energy flowing:


Mangoes are high in vitamin E, which is known to balance sex hormones and boost sex drive. They are also filled with vitamins A and C, which is linked to slowing down the effects of aging, keeping you youthful and vibrant and keeping you sexually confident.


Rich in Vitamin C, Pineapples have been linked to fighting impotence. Its acidic and sweet nature is said to make bodily secretions just as sweet. Not to mention the exotic fruit is filled with lots of sweet juices that may just happen to run down your chin and arouse someone! lol


Watermelon contains an amino acid called Citrulline, which is good for your cardiovascular system. It helps to relax your blood vessels, keeping your blood relaxed and flowing. Good blood flow is what’s needed for an active and increased sex drive. And all that natural water will definitely keep it good and hydrated down there!


Legend has it that Figs were a favorite of Cleopatra and they were considered very precious during that time. Figs are known as sexual food due to their resemblance to the female sex organs.


Not just the fact that Bananas put you in the mind of, well, you know what.  But they are packed with a ton of potassium, a key nutrient to muscle strengthening and sexual hormone production. Can we say longer libido and stronger orgasms?

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