How I Make Money with Payoneer Refer a Friend Referral Program

How I Make Money with Payoneer Refer a Friend Referral Program

You can make money online through Payoneer Refer a Friend Referral Program.

To benefit from this program, first sign up for a Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard.

Payoneer is an online global payments company that provides a seamless solution for making online payments, sending and receiving money from over 200 countries.

You can also receive money from US companies such as Airbnb, PayPal, Amazon, MoneyBookers, etc.

Using your Payoneer Prepaid Debit Master Card, you can withdraw money from anywhere in the world through any MasterCard branded ATM.

In addition to the above uses of Payoneer, you can also make money with their Refer a Friend Program affiliate program.

Earlier this year, I signed up for the program, but quickly forgot about it.

Then about a month ago while sifting through my inbox, I spotted this e-mail from the guys at Payoneer stating that my referral had signed up with Payoneer.


So this thing actually works.

I sighed to myself.

As soon as my referral qualified and received the first $1000 into their account, I received notification from Payoneer.

But the best part, both myself and my referral received $25. Awesome!

You too can start earning passive income online through the Payoneer refer a friend program – Payoneer’s affiliate program.

However, you must first sign up for a Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard through a very simple and free process.

Click here to sign up for a Payoneer card if you do not already have one.

To sign up for the affiliate program,  log in to your “My account” Payoneer account. You will see the following page.

Then click on the Refer a Friend banner located on the right sidebar which leads you into your affiliate page.

If you have not yet registered for a Payoneer account, use the link to signup and earn your $25 reward for each referral that signs up and receives at least $1000 in payments for the first time.


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