How to get healthy glowing skin during Pregnancy

How to get healthy glowing skin during Pregnancy

For some lucky women, the sudden surge in oil production creates a radiant pregnancy glow. But for others, oily skin results in facial and body acne, especially during the first trimester (acne often clears up as the pregnancy progresses into the second and third trimester). Women with previous acne problems are more likely to have acne when they become pregnant. Your pores begin to produce more oil as your hormone levels increase.

Fortunately, you don’t have to endure long months with acne.

Follow these blemish banishing tips for healthy, glowing skin during your pregnancy:

Wash your face twice a day to keep it fresh and oil-free. A clean soft face cloth will gentle deep clean your skin. Wash the face cloth after each use. But don’t wash your face excessively, as this deprives your skin of necessary oil, and may only encourage the skin to overproduce oil.

Use plenty of lukewarm water when you cleanse. Within five minutes of washing your face, apply a layer of oil-free moisturizer to your skin.

Whatever you do, refrain from touching or picking at spots! This bad habit can lead to the spread of bacteria and more unwelcome pimples. Instead, dab on a gentle spot treatment to blemishes without causing irritation or dryness. Clean the skin thoroughly before applying any product. Cover the entire affected area with a thin layer in the morning and evening.


It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Make sure to get adequate sleep every night to look and feel refreshed in the morning. Besides, you’re going to need that precious rest once the baby is born!


Exercise and diet play a significant role in the battle against pregnancy acne. A daily workout increases circulation and blood flow reduces stress and tones the skin. Though you’ll probably have pregnancy cravings for ice cream or junk food, don’t forget to eat fresh fruits and veggies. Rinse all your produce thoroughly to remove herbicides and pesticides that could possibly harm your complexion’s health and the baby.


Drink plenty of water. Your skin needs hydration to help promote that enviable pregnancy glow.

Post-baby blemishes

For many women, breakouts diminish within a few months after pregnancy or after they stop nursing. Unfortunately, those blemishes may leave telltale scars—the last thing you want as a new mom. Look into over-the-counter or prescription lightening creams to fade acne scars, repair hyperpigmentation, and infuse your skin with radiance. Remember to consult your doctor about using any acne medications—whether topical or oral—before, during, and after your pregnancy to make sure they’re safe.
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