Steps to Getting Started With Online Writing in Kenya

Steps to Getting Started With Online Writing in Kenya

Online writing in Kenya has become quite so popular with many Kenyans seeing this as probably the best part-time or full-time that they can do in the country.

This is true because online writing has become a major source of income, especially during these tough economic times.

So, you have probably heard about this great making money online in Kenya opportunity and want to get started today. Well, this article will give an in-depth look at online writing and help you get started on the right foot.

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Let’s Go…

Getting Started With Online Writing in Kenya

Step One – Understand Different Types of Online Writing in Kenya

It is good to understand that online writing comes in different forms.

Types of Online Writing Jobs in Kenya

  • Academic Writing

This is probably the most common type of online writing done in Kenya. It entails writing for academic purposes and can include tasks such as writing essays, dissertations, lesson plans, and school projects.

  • Article Writing

This is the second most popular type of online writing job in Kenya and it entails writing articles and blog posts for websites.  

  • Website Content Writing

Website content writing entails writing content for a website without including blog posts. This content can be for the Services Page, About Us Page, Home Page, or Contact Us Page. It can also entail writing Product Pages, Landing Pages, and Product Descriptions.

  • Social Media Content Writing

Social media content writing is a new form of online writing in Kenya that has not gained a lot of popularity. It entails writing content for social media use. This can be Instagram captions, Facebook captions, Instagram posts, and Tweets for Twitter.

Step Two: Learn One Type of Online Writing

Now that you understand the different types of online writing jobs that you can engage in, it is time to learn one of those skills.

I recommend that you learn one skill to start with so you do not get confused.

How to Learn Online Writing

When it comes to learning, you mainly have two options to go with – free methods and paid methods.

Free Methods

You can learn by searching on Google and watching YouTube videos about freelance online writing. A simple search using keywords like ‘learn online writing’ can help you a lot.

However, one thing you need to note is that this method of learning can be time consuming since you have to test everything by yourself until you find what works for you.

Paid Methods

You learn online writing from someone that has done it before by paying them to show you how to go about it.

Although this method requires you to spend money upfront, you will save many weeks of trial and error because you will be provided with only what works.

Step Three: Practice

When you learn a specific writing skill, you have to hone it by actually writing. So, it is now time to practice writing.

Although you are not getting paid at this point, you will be growing a skill that will pay you for years to come.

I suggest that you write at least 2,000 words for the specific skill that you decided to learn.

Our online course does contain several practice materials that you can write about and send to us for review. 

Step Four: Find Clients

Finding clients for online writing is a special skill on its own. So many people know how to write but not many know how to find clients. This part of the article gives insights on some incredible places to find online writing work.

Where to Find Clients for Online Writing

General Freelancing Sites

The first place you can get clients is general freelancing sites. There are so many freelance websites looking for writers just like you. Some examples include:

Upwork is one of the biggest freelancing sites in the world. You can find work here by signing up as a freelancer and then modifying your profile to show to clients that you are actually an incredible writer. Once you have set your profile, you need to start bidding for jobs. This is an entire process on its own and you have to learn the art of proper bidding for maximum success.

This is one of my favorite freelancing sites because all you have to do is create Gigs, which showcase what you can do for clients. Once you are done, just wait for clients to find you. This is incredible for me because I hate bidding.

This new site does not have so many jobs like Fiverr and Upwork but it is still good to try it out.

Content Mills

There are companies out there that are in constant search of writers. The sites that I am going to list here do accept Kenyan writers. They include:

Most of these sites offer academic writing jobs.

Foreign Content Mills

Unlike general freelancing sites, content mills are specifically for those freelancers looking for online writing jobs. The only problem with most of these content mills is that they only accept writers from English native countries like USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. However, there are ways to go about this problem like using IP hiding software and Remote Desktops. Examples include:

Most of these sites offer article writing jobs.

Although it is hard to get into these foreign sites, they pay nicely if you know how to navigate.

Finding Online Writing Clients on Social Media

Freelancing sites can be quite competitive and it can be hard to get jobs on there as a beginner. This is why you may want to consider looking for clients on social media as an addition to using freelance sites. You can find clients on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

My favorite platforms are Instagram and LinkedIn because you can easily post content and potential clients can find you through hashtags. Another good thing is that it is easy to reach out to business owners on these platforms and let them know about your services.

Finding Online Writing Clients Through Direct Cold Pitching – Email

You can also find clients by searching for sites that need your help on Google and sending them an email explaining your services.

Step Five: Work and Get Paid

Once you have found your first client, it is now time to do a good job for them and get paid. You need to deliver quality work and on time to ensure that your client will want to work with you again.

Remember you only have one chance to make a great first impression.

Tips to Help You Succeed With Online Writing in Kenya

  • Never Compromise on Quality

Never deliver poor quality work. You only have one chance to make a great first impression to a client. If you mess this up then that will affect your writing career, especially if you are working on a very strict platform.

  • Timely Delivery is a Must

You have to deliver all work given on time. Never submit your work late. This could affect your rating, especially on freelance sites. Even if you are working with a direct client, they could refrain from working with you.

  • Communication is Key

You have to talk with your client and update them on your progress throughout the project. If you do not understand something, make sure that you let them know so they can clarify. If you need more time, let your client know why and how long you need.

  • Patience is Key

Making money with online writing in Kenya takes time. You need to be patient with the process. Take action every day.

  • Learn at All Times

You always have to be learning and seeking for new ways to improve your writing skills. And, not just writing skills but also learning about new platforms and ways to find clients. The biggest mistake you can make is stay comfortable with the current amount you are making. Always seek for new opportunities that will scale your career to new heights.

How to Scale Your Online Writing Career Into a 6-Figure Business

When you start making money with online writing, one thing that you are going to realize is that you can make money to handle bills here and there but not really life-changing money.

I mean, when you are working alone, you can only make so much. This is where you have to think about scaling your freelance writing career into a business.

The way you do this is by hiring writers to work for you. You can train friends, relatives, and even strangers to become good writers and then hire them later on.

By doing this, you will not only be offering employment to other people but also earning way more money that you ever thought.

Learn Online Writing in Kenya From the Professionals

Navigating the online writing space can be confusing and overwhelming. There is a lot of information out there. So, what works and what doesn’t?

We decided to create a course to help you learn about online writing and all the methods that work in Kenya.

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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