10 Companies to Intern in Kenya

10 Companies to Intern in Kenya

An internship has a slight difference from an attachment. That is, an internship is not an academic requirement. However, you will get hands-on experience in a company related to your study area in both. Let’s look into some internships offered this January 2022.

10 Companies to Intern within 2022

1. Computing

Software engineering: Microsoft office

Microsoft office in Kenya is currently accepting internship applications for Software Engineers. Successful applicants will start practicing in Summer 2022, from June. This role is open to students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering, computer science or any related field.

Research Engineer: IBM

The Kenyan International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is hiring a Doctorate Degree intern. This field requires a Ph.D. student who has at least four years of experience in coding. All applications should be filled and sent through the company’s website.

Ruby on Rails Internship: Tezza Business Solutions Ltd

Tezza Business Solutions Ltd is looking for programming interns. The applicants should be skilled in web development techniques like PHP and Ruby on Rails frameworks. If you are survey in this APPLY!

IT Customer Support Intern: Hanmak Technologies

Hanmak Technologies is opening its doors for a full-time intern in the accounts department. With good expertise in the field of computing, specifically on Databases, and good customer relations skills, this could be your opportunity. The company accepts and reviews applications sent through email to hr@hanmak.co.ke before 28th February 2022. 

2. Media Internships

Public Relations: Brainnest company

Want to work from home? Well, Brainnest company in Germany has an openning for Public Relations intern who can work remotely. Applications should be sent online through their website.

Mass Communication: Family Media

Are you a certificate, diploma, or degree student in media? If yes. Are you looking for an internship? Then Family Media could be your breakthrough. Send your application to the company’s Human relations at hr@familymedia.tv by 14th January 2022.

3. Business Internships

Sales & Marketing: EMEAI                    

Dow, a chemical manufacturing company in Nairobi, is looking for sales and marketing interns. Any undergraduate student in chemistry, Engineering, or Business Chemistry is qualified to apply for this position.

Sales Associate: Empowered Consumerism Platform

Empowered Consumerism Platform is hiring a sales associate intern. The Intern must demonstrate strong organizational skills and an ability to network professionally. If you meet the criterion, you qualify as a good salesperson for the company and should therefore apply for this opportunity

Sales Executive: Stitch Masters Limited

Stitch Masters Limited, located in Nairobi, is actively hiring a sales executive intern for the sales executive position. A successful application, guarantees a transport and commissions allowance. Additionally, once you have proven a good track record, within the three months, the company will retain you for permanent employment.

4. Non-governmental Organizations (NGO)

United Nations (UN) Habitat: Advocacy and Campaigns Intern

The UN-Habitat has announced an intern vacancy for Advocacy and Campaigns. The position applies to any continuing and new degree graduate students across Kenya. To intern at the non-governmental organization, apply directly to the company by 20th January 2022.

United Nations: Graphic Design

The United Nations of Nairobi (UNON) is actively accepting applications for a Graphic Designer intern. You must be an ongoing degree student or a new graduate in degree, master or PhD student to qualify.  Applications sent after 18th January 2022 will not be considered viable.

What to do During an Internship

Industrial Internships are highly important to your career life. Whether stated or not, most companies will maintain you for employment if you prove to be an asset. Therefore avoid being a liability by being part of the solution even while being trained.

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