How to Become A Freelance Writer in Kenya

How to Become A Freelance Writer in Kenya

Freelance writing is the new term on everyone’s lips. But before we talk about a freelancer writer, I believe it’s best we understand what is freelancing? With the Gig economy becoming more common among us, freelancing is becoming popular. Freelance entails you working for yourself and being self-employed. Notably, this means you are not on any company’s payroll, and you work with your schedule. As a freelance worker, seek jobs from individuals or companies, and work for different companies simultaneously, writing on different niches. Due to the advancement in technology, it is easy to work with a team of freelancers as the internet has eliminated geographical barriers to deliver according to the client’s needs. Another considerable factor leading to the freelance industry’s growth is that unemployment numbers are on the rise each day. By the end of this article, you will be confident enough to start freelance writing jobs, get your blog or website up and running, learn the do’s and don’ts of freelance writing, and you will learn where to find freelance writing jobs in Kenya.

Guidelines on How to Start Freelance Writing in Kenya

Now to the jest of it! A freelance writer is someone who does writing for their blog or a company without being permanently employed. They can bid for as many jobs as possible so long as they deliver or pitch to different companies to get writing gigs. Freelance writing is an art that one can perfect irrespective of their profession or field of study. One can do it as a side hustle during their free time or even make it their primary income source. Good command of grammar irrespective of your language and enough research builds someone’s level from beginner to expert level quickly. Therefore, do it, take out that laptop, and start writing! You will not be ready enough or skilled enough to start writing, hence start with what you know and be open-minded to improve on a daily basis.

As a beginner in freelance writing in Kenya, one can earn between 100 and 1,000 Kenyan Shillings. In freelance writing, one is paid according to the task at hand. The more complex it is, the more one will charge. The word count of the project is also a determining factor. Therefore, there is no specific amount that can be earned. When one perfects in the skill and gets good clients, they can earn as much as 4,300 Kenyan Shillings in one project. With such figures, it is easy to survive on freelancing as a bill-paying source.

How to Start Off as a Freelance Writer

Avoid the use of jargons – Jargons and complex English terms make it hard for people to understand what you’re writing. Although every profession has its specific terms, it is best to keep it simple.

Strong writing skills – Strong skills translate to the ability to create unique content and remain relevant by gathering information both offline and online.

Ability to meet deadlines – For any freelance writer, irrespective of the task given to them, time is of the essence. The ability to meet deadlines shows you are disciplined, and you respect your client.

Be comfortable marketing your skills – As a newbie, you will need to learn how to package yourself. This is because what matters is how well you sell your skills.

Be a self-starter – As I said earlier, TAKE OUT THAT LAPTOP AND START WRITING. Freelance writing is simple and easy to start. And as its name says it, it’s free; there are no rules or restrictions as to what to write and how you can write only when the client specifies it.

Stay on the cutting edge – With the gig economy’s dynamics changing each day, it’s only fair for you to stay relevant. You can take up free training courses on various online platforms to make sure you are able to withstand the competition.

Embrace teamwork – As fore-mentioned, even as a self-employed writer, one should learn teamwork skills. Your soft and hard skills gained throughout life will come in handy when you work in a team. You will also need to equip yourself with new skills while improving your weakness because no one is perfect. One cannot avoid working in a group, so please brace yourself, especially if working in a team gives you the jitters. As a freelancer, you need to learn these skills since it’s inevitable. Even as you perfect your solo skills, teamwork will always make the dream work.

Tips on How to Start Writing Content for Newbie Writers

Now that we have the skillset and pay range in mind, let’s look at the actual writing bit. Once you open that laptop, you will need to write something. Be it 20 words or 100 words; these will become your writing samples. You will need to create content that is captivating to the eye. The choice of graphics and themes will come in handy. This does not mean you go scavenging for images and just pasting on your document. If your article is too graphic, the reader’s attention ends up being distracted, and we certainly don’t want that. Choose a particular theme and flow with it. Let the images and tone marry into each other to ensure you carry the reader from the beginning to the end. This ensures the reader relates to the content their reading, and they end up learning something new or verifying what they already knew.

Most of the people who venture into online careers and, in this case, freelance writing in Kenya are above 18 years of age. This means they have completed their secondary school education and are now looking for something to do to earn a living and stay engaged. Commonly referred to as “kuhustle”. Some get an opportunity to join tertiary institutions, and this is where they get to learn about academic and freelance writing, and they engage with it entirely.

Within a year or two of writing, a writer is capable of identifying their niche. Meaning they can know which subjects or topics they can tackle quickly and which they are able to write about even if they have just woken up. This does not exclude anyone else who wants to learn freelance writing and make something out of it. Are you a stay-home mum? Did you get laid off for one reason or the other? Are you looking for an additional source of income to make ends meet? Dust off the fear, shake yourself up and get to it. Your willingness and determination to learn and grow are your only determinant of how far you can go. It will help you build a strong freelance writer profile that is presentable to potential clients.

How to Find Your Niche as a Freelance Writer in Kenya

Your niche could be about your hobby. What is that, that you love doing, that gives you unexplainable peace, write about it. What have you studied? What is it that skill that you mastered to do so well? Write about it? What is that you have brainstormed and researched about and believe could be the next big thing, write about it. Your niche is as wide as the horizon. Write about it in a professional tone. Please give it to a friend, let him or her help you correct those tiny mistakes, and post it. The bottom line always intends for every content you write that will make sure you remain relevant and are growing.

Where to Writing Jobs and Gigs

With all these said and done, where do you find writing opportunities? How will you be able to monetize this skill of yours by getting a good freelance writer position? One can get jobs from family and friends. Interacting with your social circle as a beginner will give you a smooth transition from a beginner to an intermediate before seeking out jobs from outside people. You can find jobs for writing in varying lengths and topics. This will be a great platform to build your freelance writing career and global professional network.

Once you interact with your social circle and continuously write for them and the opportunities you get, you keep on improving your skills. There you have it! The full flesh chewed down into bits about starting as a freelance writer in Kenya. If you find it hard to start, always seek online writing training until you are comfortable to begin. Always remember a freelance writer’s job description is to write with the aim of becoming the best writer in the niche of their choice.
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