How to become an influencer on Bloglovin ACTIVATE

How to become an influencer on Bloglovin ACTIVATE

Connect with brands looking for influential bloggers just like you

Do you dream of picking up a killer blog deal that makes the time you spend writing a blog post worth the 32 drafts?

Well, I have some of the most exciting news to hit blog land today: Bloglovin debuted its influencer network, Activate. Yup, it’s time to roll out the red carpet and get noticed by brands looking for bloggers. This spotlight opportunity hasn’t even been up for 24 hours – so now is the time to join – while brands are clambering to meet bloggers like you, and before everyone + their mom signs up. Plus it’s free to join, so why not get noticed for your time?

{Just a heads up that this blog contains affiliate links here and there, which cost you nothing but could result in a monetary benefit for SBG. Thanks again for keeping this blog going. Gracias.}

Get in on Bloglovin’s new influencer network for bloggers (it’s free)

How to become an influencer on Bloglovin ACTIVATE

There are plenty of reasons bloggers and small businesses want to become known as an influencer within their online community. It can lead to new opportunities to get your message into the hands of people who need it, share your latest products and services with a wider range of blog readers, and increase the quality of your own personal network. You never know if meeting the right brand will be a 1-off deal, or lead to something bigger. If you don’t put yourself out there once in a while, you might miss your next big break.

Sign up for the Bloglovin influencer network in 2 steps:

  1. Join the Bloglovin influencer network for free
  2. To verify, confirm your blog –or- connect your Twitter account

That’s it. Pour yourself a swirling glass of chardon-yay while you sit back and let the geniuses at Bloglovin work their magic to match you with brands looking for quality bloggers.

It’s no fun to be the last one to the party (the snacks are usually gone)

You can end the missed-opportunity-cycle today. If it helps, set a goal to sign up and then treat yourself to a celebratory piece of chocolate, a walk outside in the fresh air, or a smancy frothy coffee that hits the spot. Just hop over to Bloglovin’s new site to get noticed by brands looking for bloggers.


Do I have an influencer blog? Do I have enough blog readers to join?

If you’re not sure whether or not your blog qualifies as large enough to be an “influencer blog”, you don’t have to go crazy boosting all your numbers. Even if your last blog post had 2 comments, you can sign up. Where your blog is today is enough. The point of forming a blog “network” is to get a bunch of smaller, specific and niche blogs to collectively reach thousands of readers. Instead of going after one large blogger with 20k readers a day, brands prefer to connect with a blog influencer network to leverage smaller blogs to equal those same 20k readers a day. So maybe your blog alone isn’t enough to get a big brand to notice you, but as part of the Activate network, you are more than enough.

I’ve never been part of an influencer network – can I join?

If you’ve never been part of an influencer network, don’t fret. The upfront work is about 5-10 minutes, then you’re pretty much off the hook until they find the right brand for your blog. They’ll shoot you an email when brands want to reach out to you. Either way, it’s worth getting on Bloglovin to claim your blog. That’s the only pre-requisite. It’s free, anyways, so what are you waiting for?

Should I wait to join the Bloglovin influencer network?

Um, if I thought you should wait to join, I probably should have eaten dinner by now (it’s 8:50pm). I expedited this post because there is no time like the present. Especially when it comes to launches. From my experience in real-life marketing (the type where I’m given a salary + expense card), an established brand launching a new product would only do so if they are ready with new brands demanding the product. I wouldn’t go to sleep on this. I suspect they have brands lined up to work with bloggers right away. It’s been less than 24 hours and bloggers of all sizes and types have already started to claim their spot.

More Common Questions You Might Have

QAs I’m signing up, I noticed that I have to accept a few permissions for ACTIVATE to be able to access my date. Is this information private and how do you keep our data safe?

The data you allow for ACTIVATE to access is 100% safe. The data that we collect, such as engagement percentages, audience demographics, and follower counts, are shared on the platform to be able to display new opportunities for you to participate in and for campaign reporting to the brands that you work with. All of that data stays within the platform and is never sold, used for marketing or distribution, or ad targeting.

QHow is ACTIVATE able to gather my social analytics and demographics of my followers?

How to become an influencer on Bloglovin ACTIVATE

A view inside the Instagram analytics and demographics of an ACTIVATE Influencer profile.

We get amazing audience data right from the source! Yes, this means the information is coming directly from Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram….etc. This information allows for brands to learn more about you and your audiences so that they can locate true brand ambassadors or audiences who may be interested in learning more. There is also no need to worry about having to update your latest numbers yourself. Our data refreshes several times a day so your profile is always up to date.

But, we cannot display this information for your Instagram if your Facebook isn’t properly connected. Be sure that the Facebook account you used to create your Instagram is what you are connecting to your profile on ACTIVATE.

We also have a partnership with Demographics Pro, one of the most reputable demographics data companies in this space. Demographics Pro uses their technology to analyze public Instagram profiles to gather interesting metrics about your account — like your audience’s interests and their jobs. These insights are showcased on the Instagram tab of your profile for you to better understand your audience and shape your content strategy. Please note that we do not provide Demographics Pro with access to any of your personal data for them to provide you with the in-depth audience insights on your profile.

QWhen I am creating a profile on ACTIVATE, do I have to accept all of the permissions?

Yes! Make sure that you accept ALL of the permissions as you are creating your profile otherwise you may end up with missing information on your profiles.

QWhat if I am not active on every social media platform? Will this decrease my chance in being selected for a campaign?

Not at all, more does not always mean “better” — the strength and uniqueness of your application and profile is what is most important and is what will set you apart.

Although, we do encourage all influencers on the platform to slowly start to incorporate other platforms with longevity (i.e. a blog). Even if you are just beginning to build upon your presence on other platforms, such as a blog or YouTube channel, it is still beneficial to you to connect those platforms to your ACTIVATE profile.

Your audience demographics on various platforms will oftentimes be different — and different is okay! It is great for brands to get an idea of where your various audiences are present. Even if the audience a brand is looking for is not on your strongest platform, they still may find that audience valuable and may want to tap into that audience with your help! This is also why we separate out demographics by platform, and don’t report on them as only one sum metric. 

QBrands often ask for me to submit my analytics and screenshots of my IGTV and IG Story content via email — Does ACTIVATE support these metrics?

Yes! Through our support for IGTV and IG Story campaigns, you will be able to report and submit your analytics seamlessly through the ACTIVATE platform. The information will be sent directly to the brand so you can spend less time reporting and more time creating!

QWhat should I do if I need help connecting one of my social platforms or don’t see an answer to my question here?

Our team is always happy to help! You can contact our team anytime you have a question or need assistance at:

The shortlist of things I regret doing too late: 

· Starting my blog years after I thought I was ready.

· Joining Instagram later than I should have.

· Moving to San Francisco after it was already declared the most expensive city in the country (yup, SF is pricier than NYC).

When you decide to make a blog that is also a business, you make yourself available for new opportunities. Boom. Being productive feels so good.

If brands haven’t come crawling to your blog, this could be your once-in-a-blog-time opportunity to roll out the red carpet and welcome brands to your online doorstep. Form relationships. Get noticed.

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