How To Become A Programmer In Kenya

How To Become A Programmer In Kenya

How do you become a programmer in Kenya? As a first-timer, I am sure you are thinking it’s rather complex. It probably sounds like climbing a mountain with no climbing gear. There is no need to worry; in this article, you will be guided on becoming a successful programmer in Kenya. Remember that becoming a programmer is simply as the name suggests. This is because a programmer creates software programs. Read on to get informed on all the nitty-gritty required to become a programmer.

Programming languages enable software to perform certain functions. For example, when you buy a device, it usually is empty, and there is no way you can use it. Phones have specific applications that are installed in them for them to perform their intended functions. These applications are programmed using a language that the phone understands for it to make that call. Here is where the role of a programmer comes into play. Once a telephone manufacturing company builds a phone, they have software programmers who create codes that the phone will use to understand how to make that call.

What Do Programmers Do?

In-depth programming entails everything amusing. It is the science behind how various software programs can perform functions. Have you ever been on an adventure trail where you don’t know what to expect, but you know you are on the correct route? This is a programmer. First and foremost, you don’t need any experience whatsoever to become a programmer. A programmer is someone whose work is to come up with an algorithm. This could be intended for application in computer software or as varied as an aeronautical spaceship. A programmer could also be referred to as a software developer or coder. He or she can also specialize in creating programs for computers only or creating codes for various kinds of software applications.

In this day and age, where we depend on technology almost 100%, the use of computers and mobile devices have become a routine; therefore, everyone needs to learn to program. Remember, you don’t need to have any experience to become a software developer. So if you are scared about how much you lack experience, worry not. Programming is not for GENIUSES. Using computers is inevitable and so learning how to become a coder is an essential advantage. All you need is to be determined and have the desire to learn. I believe that is why you are here.

Computer programmers are tasked with writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining computer programs, which computers must follow to perform their functions. Software developers create, design, and put to the test logical structures for solving problems by computer. Many technical transformations in programming have redefined the role of a software developer and transformed much of the programming work done today. Job titles and descriptions in programming may vary, according to the organization.

The Process of Becoming a Programmer

Programmers literary control our every day-to-day living. They can create codes and systems that we rely on for business, education, entertainment, and healthcare, literally everything that affects our lives. A software developer plays a significant role in shaping the experiences we have during our online expeditions. For example, the use of mobile devices is at the peak of its use currently. 

Their role involves coming up with programs daily. Programs define tasks through lines of text called code that uses functions instead of actions. These functions give you much more control than actions, allowing you to define precisely how tasks should be performed in different circumstances. One can become a software developer in Kenya by taking a bachelor’s course in Information Technology with a specialization in programming on your third year in any campus of your choice that offers it.

To stand out in this sector, you ought to identify a niche that you can master. Being a jack of all trades is not a bad thing, but if there is a job opening where they need a particular type of skill in programming, you may be left out for being too general. Focus on learning a specific programming language like Java or Ruby on Rails.

Universities Offering Programming Education in Kenya

If you have been in a different field, let’s say a teacher, and you’ve had this burning inspiration to learn how to become a programmer in Kenya, you can take online courses or attend your local colleges and universities. Numerous courses are offered on campus and at the comfort of your home through digital devices. In Kenya, Universities that offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology include:

  • Muranga University College
  • Pioneer International University
  • Multimedia University
  • Kabianga University College
  • Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology
  • University of Eldoret
  • Technical University of Kenya
  • Kirinyaga University College
  • Karatina University College
  • Kenya Methodist University
  • Machakos University
  • The South Eastern University of Kenya 

Skills of a Programmer – As with any sector, a programmer needs a particular set of skills to handle their job appropriately. A programmer can create and run codes to better the working of computer systems and software since they are equipped with hard and soft skills. Skills every programmer in Kenya must have include:

  • Proficiency with programming languages
  • Mathematical skills
  • Testing and debugging skills
  • Learning new concepts often
  •  Ability to apply learnt concepts to other problems in their workspace
  • Communication skills
  • Team-work skills
  • Problem-solving capability
  • Writing skills
  • A passion for solving problems
  • Great passion for humanity

Types of Programming Languages – There are different programming languages you can learn and become an expert in. Here are some of the most popular:

  • C++
  • Python
  • Java 
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Visual Basic
  • Ruby on Rails

Qualifications For Becoming a Programmer – You must have a degree in Computer Science, Informational Technology, Engineering or Programming and understanding any or all the programming languages.

Why Should You Become a Programmer?

Shortage of staff – Coding is a term that makes a majority of the people run. There is this negative mindset that programming is complex creating a shortage of software developers. Another problem that makes this career luxurious is that people give up too quickly. This makes the few people who understand this skill be short in supply and high in demand. In reality, when you grasp a coding language, it becomes easy for you to code; you need to be determined, persistent and passionate.

Good money – The fact that coders are understaffed translates into high pay for the programmers who push codes and deliver working codes to perform according to their clients’ and businesses’ needs.

An opportunity to change the world – We used technology for ultimately everything. So in a literal sense, you creating codes for various software’s is a way of helping humanity. You can meet the needs of humanity at a point where they need it most.

Remote and flexible job options – As a programmer, you have the opportunity to create codes and work remotely. This comes in handy when you decide to venture into being a freelance developer. As a freelancer coder, you will not be restricted to one particular company, and this means you can get as many clients as possible as long as you can deliver and meet their demands.

High job security – A programmer’s job security is assured simply because they create the codes and run them. They are in charge of running codes that they create.  Companies that do not have a developer in their tech company are at risk of system failures, breakdowns, and even hacking because they do not have someone who can ensure that their online software works correctly. This could translate to huge losses and even shut down, especially if your organization runs on very highly confidential sectors.

Opportunity to blend creativity with high-demand technical skills – Life is an art, and we all have a role to play in the kind of drawing we make for our lives. A programmer is an artist who has this vast amount of knowledge on how the back end of technology works, and they are fully aware of what needs to be done. They can create tangible solutions to problems that would have made life for the normal human being chaotic.

Where Do You Get Work as a Programmer in Kenya?

There is a massive demand for skilled staff in the technology industry. Everybody is looking for help with catching up with this fast-paced technology. Programming-related careers include a web developer, system analyst, computer programmer, database developer. You can get work through:

  • Computer software companies
  • Financial sector
  • Government
  • Healthcare services
  • Marketing and advertising 
  • Entertainment, for example, video making companies
  • Data security companies
  • Professional Networking and Job sites

Start Your Career as a Software Programmer

A programmer’s life starts early and ends late with mostly six hours of sleep and throughout nearly a week’s work done in a day. In this field, an individual who is faster in adopting changes is highly advantaged since technology is the world’s fastest-changing field; thereby, a swift programmer in Kenya needs to know about world trends and keep up the pace. To advance your career, spend most of your time practicing and keeping a record of your work. This way, when you get requests for interviews, you’ll have a portfolio of proof to show off your skills to employers. Does programming sound to difficult for you?

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