How to Boost Your Google Adsense Earnings

How to Boost Your Google Adsense Earnings

Now that you know about the highest-performing Adsense banner sizes and formats, how can you make the most of whatever options you pick for your site? There are several ways to go about bringing in a decent revenue with Google Adsense. Here are some tips we’ve found to be helpful in setting yourself up for maximum Adsense earnings.

Create High-Quality, Valuable Content

Before you can even get started with Google Adsense, you’ll have to have some high-quality content on your site. Then, you have to keep it up. Yes, that’s right, they sometimes review already approved sites for quality. To make sure that your content is high-quality and you can keep producing that same caliber of content, we recommend creating content about a topic you’re interested in and passionate about. You can also check out these content marketing tools to get you started.

And, don’t forget that you can always bring in other creators and influencers to help you out!

Increase Time on Site

Increasing the time that visitors spend engaged and active on your site can go a long way towards increasing your Adsense revenue. When visitors navigate away from your site quickly, after just viewing a single page, it’s not likely that they’ll be coming back any time soon. That, in turn, means that you get kiss their ad clicks goodbye. If that happens, the highest-performing Adsense banner sizes and formats aren’t going to make a bit of difference.

But how do you make your site “sticky?” That is, how do you grab the attention of your site visitors and make this want to explore your site further? We just talked about one way: creating high-quality content. But there are other ways to keep visitors around, too.

For starters, make sure your site is easy to navigate. This means adding an accessible and simple menu on your site, along the top or side, that gives visitors a way to move around. And adding a search bar to your site’s navigation menu is a great idea, too.

Next, you’ll want to show off your best content marketing on every page of your site so it’s easy for visitors to get to the content that you already know performs well. This might mean adding a table of contents with links to the content you want to feature in your sidebar. When links like this show up next to content that a view is already interested in, it can help pull them deeper into your site (and give them more opportunities to see the ads on your site).

It’s also a really good practice to link out to related content from each piece of content on your site. You’ll notice in this article, we’ve linked out to several other useful pieces of content on our site that we think will be great supplements to what you’re reading right now.

Keep Visitors Close

Even with the best navigation and the best content, your visitors are going to leave. They can’t sit around reading your site all day when they have jobs and places to be, right? But that doesn’t mean that you’ve lost them forever. Encourage them to stay in touch by including various ways they can connect with you. We recommend directing your visitors to connect with you on social media as well as giving them the chance to subscribe to your email list.

This makes it really easy to share our content with visitors we know are interested in what we have to say and bring them back into our site. You can use these same techniques to get visitors to come back and hopefully click on more ads!

Create a Great User Experience

We can’t stress the importance of user experience. This means making sure that your site design is easy on the eyes while still being interesting enough to keep attention. You’ll also want to make sure that your site loads quickly for both desktop and mobile users. Any more than 2–3 seconds and visitors are going to bounce.

You can check out your site’s performance using the free tools Google offers, from Test My Site to Google Analytics to Google Search Console. Those last two will come in handy when you’re working on SEO to make it easier for more visitors to find your content and when you’re looking for the content that already performs well so you can direct more visitors to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should banner ads be?

The size of the Google Ads banners you display on your site makes a difference. Top performing banner ad sizes in 2021 include square (250 x 250), small square (200x200), banner (468x60), and leaderboard (728x90).

What are the sizes of a banner?

Some banner sizes and formats perform better depending on where they’re placed. Top performing banner ad sizes in 2021 include square (250 x 250), small square (200x200), banner (468x60), and leaderboard (728x90).

What are the sizes for Google display ads?

The sizes for Google display ads include:
250 x 250 – Square.
200 x 200 – Small Square.
468 x 60 – Banner.
728 x 90 – Leaderboard.
300 x 250 – Inline Rectangle.
336 x 280 – Large Rectangle.
120 x 600 – Skyscraper.
160 x 600 – Wide Skyscraper.

What is the best banner size?

The 320x50 banner is by far the most commonly used ad for mobile ads, both in browsers and apps. To maximize your ad reach, it’s important to have a few different formats.

How do you calculate banner size?

To calculate your banner size, you will need to divide the height and width of your image by 36 and 72 respectively. This will get you the dots per inch for your final image.

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