How to handle ANXIETY

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I am writing this blog post for you at a point in my life where I feel so confident about how I handle uncertainties. Quite frankly “anxiety” is a feeling I haven’t felt this year as such, not because there haven’t been moments that warrant one, but because I have come to learn that any moment above the ground is enough to find the motivation to be hopeful.

Understand that Life is a Gift that should not be taken lightly.

The fact that you are alive is enough to make you not worry about things too much. You need to understand that “Life” is the one thing the richest person on earth cannot buy or the most talented scientist in the world cannot manufacture. Life is such a delicate Gift, take time to really reflect on the fact that you are breathing, your eyes, liver, and kidneys are functioning.

It’s as simple as that. You are alive. Feel your heartbeat. It counts for something. You have that which no man can give, Life, so celebrate it while you still have it.

Someone had a near death experience giving birth to you, so Live Life to the fullest.

As I grow older, I think more deeply about my Mum. I respect the fact that she carried me for 9/10 months, however, you want to count those months. She, in 1992 was in labor because you know what, she was giving birth to me. There is no freaking way I am not going to enjoy Life when My Mother labored for me 27 years ago. I’ve found myself watching birth and delivery videos, and yeah even when it’s a beautiful one, you can still see how birth is such a unique experience that needs to be reflected on quite deeply. Yeah, so I decided that I am going to respect My Mum and My Birth experience by choosing to worry less. If someone can do that for me, I owe it to them to celebrate and enjoy Life.

Your Life is yours, you control it. 

I guess anxiety stems from feeling like you are out of control. But is anyone blocking you from breathing? Is anyone telling your kidney to stop functioning? Is anyone immortal? Honestly, you can’t be walking around thinking that someone has control over you when no one is immortal or all-knowing or omnipresent. No one is that powerful, and even if they are very powerful, they can’t control your mind or how your body functions. Understanding these basics is very important because you realize you are the only one that has 100% control over your body. You can choose to eat unhealthy to the point your body suffers, drink/smoke to the point your liver/heart is affected, and worse, you can even choose to end your own Life. Of course, we are not here to encourage any of that, but this is to further illustrate the amount of power you have over your own life, so don’t get it twisted and think that others have more power.

You are generally born with the things you need most in this life.

First of all, you have Life, so it’s not like you can ever work for anything better than that. Ideally, you have your Family, and if you don’t have one that brings joy to you, there is the option to make yours. I always feel like that’s the only other thing that you can get that you are not born with - a new Family, including True Friends that you make in your entire life. From there, even the best jobs are usually there to help you max out your brain capacity, pay for bills and travel the world, but then again you need Life for this. I don’t know, I just feel like there is nothing extra-ordinary you can give yourself that is beyond the gift of Life, so you might as well chill out and just enjoy what was given to you for free. Well maybe you can change other people’s lives, that’s something to be excited about, but certainly not something to make you anxious. So once you understand that, you stop worrying about not getting what it is that you want. Chill out - the best was already given to you at birth.

If you can empower negative thoughts without facts, then you can empower positive ones too.

Usually, anxiety is a product of overthinking scenarios not backed with facts/data. You just start assuming the worst and give that so much power. How about you just do the opposite? Instead of saying “what if they don’t like me?” why don’t you overthink “what if they actually get obsessed with my awesomeness”

If you find yourself saying something negative to yourself, go ahead and say the opposite and give that more power. I do that all the time and I choose to overthink the positive. I find myself too happy sometimes that I actually freak out - like is this even normal? Why am I so happy? Lol, there are times I start freaking out that since I am too happy and I am exhausting all my happiness at once, but then I tell myself “what if you stay with overflowing happiness?”

Yeah - there are probably people that don’t have your back, but you know what, there will be people who will fight for you. So, empower those that are there for you and believe that things will turn out amazing. You can’t hope for the best if you don’t believe it’s truly possible. I tell some people my dreams now and they sort of doubt it - and even though for a second they make me think twice about, I choose to just continue believing in myself even though I don’t have the fact. Like I said, you have the option of overthinking the positive or negative without data, the one you choose to empower is up to you.


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