How to Make Money Online in Kenya And Be Your Own Boss

How to Make Money Online in Kenya And Be Your Own Boss

This is your detailed guide on how to make money online in Kenya at the comfort of your home.

The internet remains to be a gold mine of several different opportunities in as many industries. And only the smart minds who know this tad of modern life are doing something and everything to leverage the resource.

If you are a fan of social media and other branches of internet communities, you may have come across a number of posts or adverts giving tips on how to make money online in Kenya and beyond.

Some of them are hogwash. But others are genuine; may you see the genuine ones.

Actually, making money online is not a scam – it’s white-pure truth.

It’s also true that virtual masqueraders have profiled the prospect of online jobs as though it’s a den of vain toil. These are the kind of people who will ball you with lucrative marketing hacks.

Will introduce you to too-sweet-to-believe kind of ideas. If you try them, you lose money than you dreamed of crunching it.

If you don’t subscribe to them, you’ll realize later that, oh, this was all crap after all. But, of course, this is at a later stage when you’re full-grown into the game of online work.

That aside, there are legitimate ways to make money online in Kenya. And these ideas are simple – but require that you put in some good level of efforts to make it happen.

Right in this article, I give you a list of tested and proved internet jobs in Kenya. Most of which won’t require breaking a bank to pick up.

Here we go.

15 Legit Ways of Making Money Online in Kenya

1.   Do Paid Surveys Online

Paid surveys in Kenya are an easy way of putting a few coins in the pocket. Websites like Opinion Space, iPoll, Switched On Community, etc. are paying individuals to share their thoughts online on certain issues, technologies and many more.

By giving your ideas in the form of answers to their questions, they pay you. Different sites pay varying rates.

For example, a site like Triaba pays you Ksh.325 per successfully completed survey. This is not the rate paid by let’s say iPoll.

Others also have special offers such as $5-sign up a reward for a new subscriber – this is an iPoll strategy of attracting more subscribers.

2.   Academic Writing

Academic writing encompasses doing assignments, term papers, thesis, etc. for other students abroad. This field requires that you’re well knowledgeable even if you’ll be offered training for the same, before embarking on any serious work.

The homework or assignment you will be doing could a primary kid’s, high school students’ or college or university students’. One thing is crystal clear, you must be ready to undertake unprecedented research in all this.

After working on these assignments, you send and will receive a payment if the work you did is satisfactory and was approved by your client.

As a general cue: academia research is thorough so you must be braced for this if you fancy the academic writing field.

That said, many people are receiving hundreds to thousands of dollars in a month.

You can get academic writing jobs on Uvocorp, Essaywriters, Writerbay, Edulancers, Edusson, and many, many others.

3.   Content/Article Writing

Content writing is what I am currently doing. Some would also, unorthodoxly, call it blog post writing.

Whichever name it’s branded; content writing remains to be a foothold for many online enthusiasts. In the layman language, this involves writing useful articles and blog posts around a specific topic(s).

Your work is to provide these articles to the client who then posts on their blogs and websites or wherever they will use it. This content can be in the form of blogs, e-books, mailing lists, books, newsletters among others.

Content writing is taking the internet by storm. There is no low season – which is a disturbing characteristic with academic writing.

Key skills to learn in here: good grammar, great research, fast typing speed, basic SEO, and keyword density. Other things will come as you continue mastering the tricks of the game.

Without forgetting, some of the great hunting grounds for these jobs include, Fiverr, Textbroker, WritersDomain, Freelancer, etc. There are hundreds of content mills and job boards where you can fancy your chances in online writing.

Furthermore, pitching to direct clients can land you the best deals yet.  As long as you identify who they are and send powerful, really provocative proposals.

Otherwise, you can make use of platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin to get clients.

Payment for online writing services varies greatly. There are quite shocking figures in both extremes where some clients would pay you $1 for 500 words and others $25 for the same number of words.

If you plan your trades well, you can make about Ksh.2500 in a day. Not bad at all – not many in the country can pay you this.

4.   Blogging

Without a doubt, may Kenyans are now starting blogs for income generation. For you to start earning from a blog, you will need to set it up, create content, drive traffic and monetize the blog.

While it’s easy to start a free blog, you may not get the most out of it even if you monetized it. In short, it wouldn’t be even a near-average way of making money online.

Proper, objective blogging requires that you set up a self-hosted blog. Pepper it with curative content, monetize it, do a bit and most of the times heavy investment here and there before the fruits begin showing.

Blogging is not a ‘get-rich-quick-scheme’. If you want to start dreaming of huge rewards in a matter of a few months or even a year, I am lost for words but just to say, ‘don’t blog’ and look for something else.

To establish a blog demands a lot. You have to give your time, money, effort, idea, content name them, to establish yourself and count the long-term benefits that are usually characteristic of blogs.

Once you are done to set up your blog. You are ready to monetize it.

Here are the ways to monetize your blog content:

  • Do affiliate marketing: simply, you refer visitors to products you love and if they buy it through the blog, you earn a commission out of the sale.

You can use WordPress or Blogger for your affiliate marketing.

  • Advertise by using Google AdSense on your Blog
  • Through mentions and sponsored posts as long as these are high-quality products the mentions are referring to.
  • Write great reviews and get paid

In Kenya, top blogs like, Farmers Trend,, Tuko, Michezoafrika, Nabaleka, among many others have stood the test of time. And not only are they inspirational, educational and motivational, they are also racking numbers in terms of income generation from many of their top-sale products and content.

5.   Transcription

Another profitable trading ground is transcription. Many people are making a living out of related gigs.

Transcription refers to the conversion of audio to text. So, you just listen to some audio and type into useful readable content.

You can get transcription jobs on reputable sites such as, Transcribe Me and and you will be paid according to your experience and quality of work you do.

Transcription also involves translating videos and podcasts into word content.

If you are not sure how to start on transcription, you can find a good trainer to take you through a quick training. There are a number of them in the country – consult top bloggers and you will be directed accordingly where you can be trained well.

6.   Online Trade and Digital Marketing

Start selling goods and services and earn money online. You have a good number of platforms to do this.

Think about how you could use WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. For those who do this kind of online engagements, they post products on their timelines.

If this something you can try out, you can be sure of income. Don’t worry if you don’t have the capital to own a business whose products to advertise.

You can broker a deal with a business that has the products or services. This can be jewelry or shoe shop, hotel, boutique, just think about them – you earn commissions from the sales.

Consider using olymp trade kenya to make money online today

7.   Affiliate Marketing

Internet gurus in this niche of marketing claim that affiliate marketing is the best when it comes to earning commissions. That the work you do is simple; just advertise certain categories of products from a company and talk nice/convince people to buy them.

You then receive a commission from each product sale made. You can receive a commission anywhere from 5% up to 50% of the total product cost.

Given that you invested no capital in this product, it’s a truly lucrative deal.

For an affiliate program to be successful, ensure that a proper strategy/marketing platform is in place: such as Facebook page, a website, mailing list, or a blog.

Some of the best affiliate programs are offered by the following: Amazon Associates, Pannoyer, Shareasale, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc.

8.   V-Logging

You can as well call this a web television. Because with V-logging, your blogs are presented in the form of videos, images, with few texts.

You are sharing your video content with your audience on digital platforms. One of the largest platforms for showcasing your video content is YouTube.

One thing is for sure – make sure that you identify a doable idea in a best-selling niche. Where getting an audience is not going to be a huge mountain to climb.

Once that’s done, create awesome content and post. As long as people find this content inspiring, educational and life-changing, including the products/services you are advertising for, not long you’ll be having serious visitors subscribing and buying the products you offer.

Just like blogging, you should monetize your vlog. But even before that, you can feature companies on your YouTube Channel via mentions and still earn income from it.

9.   Data Entry Jobs

There are many genuine online data entry jobs in Kenya that you can take on. Your role in such tasks include copying data, and sometimes, editing the data before transferring to another source.

The faster you are at typing; the more tasks you will complete. And you will increase your earnings.

Meaning that your keyboarding skills should be undoubted. As I said, fast and now I am adding accurate – fast and accurate to minimize a lot of errors.

In case you get an online data entry job, you are going to join a large community of data entry specialists. You log into the company computer system from your remote location and begin adding data to the system.

You may get different types of data to key into the system. So don’t think it will be only accounting figures inputting.

It is possible that today you enter accounting figures, but tomorrow it’s something else. Maybe coding information for an institution, or perhaps registration information for an educational learning program.

10. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants have become an essential core of established online businesses. You aren’t going to hold yourself high – there are no fortunes – but just at the comfort of your home, you get the job done and put a few extra bucks in the pockets hassle-free.

If you are wondering how a VA works, it is easy. Just display your area of specialization; which field of work do you have the first experience in terms of technical capacity.

You could be good at marketing for example. Or probably even better with PR – others can do both and or multiple things.

If you land a gig on sites like Upwork or Freelancer, or lucky enough direct clients, you may earn $10-$15 per hour, but depending on your experience. You can earn lower than this by the way especially if you are just starting out.

11. Graphic Web Design

If you are a talented graphic designer, take advantage of this opportunity. You are one of the most sought-after people on the internet for online jobs. Kenya and even the world at large don’t have enough graphic designers.

But that is changing fast and swift. Apparently, every company with an online presence needs to employ Graphic Designer and it’s thought that by 2020, the demand for these professionals will increase.

Why not take advantage of this and start laying your foundations right?

Graphic design jobs pay handsomely for that matter.

But if you aren’t talented and you have a passion to learn a few concepts, take an online course. Learn the basics, and start advertising your services on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

12. Drop-shipping

Drop-shipping is an advanced method of making money online. Here, there is a retailer who sells products they don’t actually have stocked in their store.

What happens is that when a customer buys a product from a store, the drop-shipper proceeds to purchase the same product from a third party say Amazon at a lower price and ships it to the customer at a higher price.

For example, a drop-shipper collects wine glasses from Amazon at $5 and lists them on another retailer like e-bay at $8. If a buyer expresses interest in these products, the drop-shipper goes ahead to make a purchase from Amazon and provides the buyer’s address of his/her customers as indicated on e-bay as the location.

The glasses will be delivered to that address. In this instance, the drop-shipper makes a profit of $3. You need to land big deals for big rewards.

13.  Flipping Websites

Another way to make money online, but a bit more advanced is by flipping websites. In layman terms, you buy a website at a low price and furnish it, make it good with fresh useful content and resell it at a profit.

This means will require some experience on your side. Again you need to be patient, invest time and money to make the new website desirable and sellable.

You can visit Flippa which is one of the best marketplaces for website selling. On Facebook, I have come across a group called Cloud Living Marketplace – is also a great platform where websites can be sold.

14. Email Marketing

Some people say email marketing is alive and kicking. That’s true. Although it was popular the most, for the better part of yesteryears, email marketing still remains to be one of the most used ways on how to make money from home online.

In this strategy, you collect the email addresses of the visitors who are interested in your content – using your preferred email service provider.

You create a mailing list of your customers so that you will be keeping in touch with them on a regular basis. You can sell them your product/affiliate product, and they must have expressed interest in it first. You don’t want to start being a spammer.

The most renown email marketing solutions include Aweber, MailChimp, Getresponse, Imnica mail, iContact.

15. Sports Betting

I used to do this a lot but stopped for reasons best known to me.

However, some people are reaping real fortunes from online sports betting. What I must tell you is that there is no guaranteed success with this means of earning income online.

Neither is there a laid-down model for winning stakes. It is on pure luck – you have to have absolute luck to fancy your chances.

Despite that, people still analyze teams, leagues, statistics and such stuff to place wagers.

Popular betting sites:Sportpesa, Mcheza, Betika, betPawa and many more.

In Conclusion

There is a whole huge list of ways on how to make money online. I haven’t exhausted all. You will not be able to do everything mentioned here for now– that’s for sure. a

But at least, you can identify the most viable options. And work on them; learn a few basic skills about them and start working right away from the comfort of your chair, in the living room.

Ensure that each passing day, you perfect your skills. And there is nothing that will come your way and stop you from making an income of choice.

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