How to Pass Verbit Transcription Test Easily

How to Pass Verbit Transcription Test Easily

You’ve done all the right things; gone through a transcription training course, taken practice tests on multiple sites, improved on your typing speed. You’ve even gone a step further working under someone for minimum pay, as you gain experience. After a while, you tell yourself, you're ready. You can do this. You're finally going to open your own transcription account.

Armed with confidence, skills, and the word of your former teacher, how on earth would you fail? I mean, you’ve already done the time. You even braved through files that sounded like they were recorded inside Ibiza. You take the test, you wait. Days later the rejection comes. How? You fall into a pit of misery and self-doubt. You lament that transcription is a scam. After all that training, all the hours, how could they reject you?

Well, before you give up, understand that every freelancer has been there. Everyone has had this moment of failure. How you move on from it is what determines your success. Listed below are a few tips for you to be able to pass that next test. Simple things that you may already be aware of, but have never implemented.

1.      Read The Guide

Yes, this is pretty obvious. However, you may have read the guide, but did you really understand it? It's easy to believe you have grasped something, while you're reading it. But you may forget intricate details as you get into the crux of transcribing the test file. Read the guide, implement it, then go over it once again as you proofread your transcript. This way you may catch mistakes that you had no idea you were making.

2.      Google, Google, Google

Many people make one mistake while taking this test. (Any transcription test for that matter) You don’t use the resources freely available to you online. You may have heard a word or a phrase you don’t understand. Type it out phonetically on Google. Go through the list of possible answers.

When you find a word that you feel matches the audio, listen to the excerpt again. Using this technique, the number of inaudible tags in your file will be zilch. One of the most overlooked requirements of a transcriber, is your ability to research. You will need to be good at this as you will work on various topics. Today you may be a doctor, tomorrow a Yoga guru. Make Google your friend.

3.      Watch The Video

A lot of people that don’t pass this test, have never watched the video. The majority focus on listening to the file, and editing the words. This is understandable as you're trying to correct an automated text. However, there are certain things on the video that give context to the words mentioned in the lecture. Instead of just listening to the words, try and actually watch the video. It is educative after all.

When you take any test as a freelancer, try and enjoy the process. Don’t look at it as a daunting task. Take it as a way to hone your skills. These are tips found to be useful through a lot of practice. If you implement them, there's almost no way to fail.

Join Verbit and earn at home.

A person with any eligibility criteria can apply, which is the main advantage of this job. You just need to work 2 to 3 hours daily. Let us know, how to apply for this job. 

Step 1 – Firstly Open the official website( Link given below). Now, Go to the bottom of the official website of Verbit and then click ” Join as a transcriber”.

Step 2 - Fill the google form open on the next page( Your name, email address, your country, Your native language. etc.)

Step 3 – After filling the google form properly, Click submit button.

Step 4 – Now Link. Will be sent to your email Soon. Open the email and to know more about the Program and start the training just, Click the ” Go To Test “.

Step 5 – then click “start the training”. You can see tutorial videos related to the job, after watching them carefully, go for the quiz. mark correct answers and click the ” submit ” button. 

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