How to Start a Laundry Business in Kenya

How to Start a Laundry Business in Kenya

While we try to keep cleanliness as a top priority factor in our day-to-day living; our days may be more hectic than we can imagine. A tight schedule means that one will have more time for their daily occupations. This gives someone very little time to do their laundry especially if it is in bulk. Therefore, very busy individuals find relief in getting a solution to their laundry cleaning problems. Starting a laundry business in an urban center is a perfect idea for income generation.  

In this article, I’m going to give you guidelines on how to Start a Laundry Business in Kenya. You can make this niche a success by having a perfect business environment and choosing your location well. Do a good research about your market and come up with a strategy before making a step further.  
Equipment required to start a laundry business in Kenya 

Well, got to sharpen your axe well before going for the tree right? Make a list of the items you need for your Laundry business and check out their prices to make sure you have your budget cash intact as soon as the business takes off.  

Here’s a list of items requisitive for starting your laundry business in Kenya today: 

a. Washer machine 

A washer is used to clean your clothing. Go for one that can hold abundant clothing for a start. Buy a number of washers that you want depending on your capital amount 

b. Steamer 

This equipment is used to get rid of wrinkles from customers’ clothes in commercial laundry shops 

c. Presser machine 

A pressing machine is used to press clothes after cleaning them to make them ready for drying 

d. Drying machine 

Buy a quality drier with a big capacity holding for your laundry business. A dryer is used to get rid of moisture from one’s clothing material.  

Starting Laundry business costs 

With a capital amount ranging from Ksh.100,000 to Ksh.200, 000, you can start an efficient laundry business in Kenya. With this cash you can curb the following costs for the start of your business:  

  • Washing machine @ Ksh.34,000 
  • Iron machine @ Ksh.3,000 
  • Furniture @ Ksh.20,000 
  • Business licenses and permits @ Ksh.5,000 
  • Folding stand or table @ Ksh.11,000 
  • Ironing table @ Ksh.3,000 
  • Interior layout @ Ksh.10,000 
  • Rent @ Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.20,000 

How to Start a Laundry Business in Kenya step by step 

To set up your laundry business, you need to take the following steps to make a breakthrough:  

1. A good Business Plan 

For your laundry business to get on board and get moving as soon as possible, you need to have a very effective business plan. Hereby, you’ll set your service process and get to decide on your budget since you need a couple of resources and items to start off. Your plan will also contain objectives, aims, or goals that your business will be looking forward to accomplishing within a certain period of time. Moreover, a good business plan will always give you a chance to prepare and find capital for your business. Duri g this period of time, you will be able to secure funds for starting your laundry business.  

2. Business licenses and permits  

To achieve a perfect external environment for your business, you’ve got to be in the same boat with the local authority by having your permits and licenses at hand. Having these permits will save you a lot of time and trouble as well during inspections and patrols across your area of business. This fee will always vary depending on your business’ complexion and nature as well. For a start-up laundry business, you’ll have to pay a license fee of about Ksh.10,000.  

3. Choose your business location 

This is a very vital factor when starting a business especially if it’s for the first time. When selecting a location for your laundry business, make sure you know your target customers. To come off in a laundry business, you can locate your business around offices, daycares, and hospitals. Take your time when selecting your business location since this is a very essential factor in your business strategy.  

4. Insure your Laundry business 

With the expensive costs met when setting up this business, you’ll really want to consider covering any possible risks by having insurance for your laundry business. Your business can be at risk of experiencing theft issues, fires, or even floods depending on your geographical location. Compensation will be made by the insurance companies in case the worst happens. At least you won’t have to worry about the headache of having to start over again!  

5. Buy your working equipment 

After doing your research on the equipment costs and prices, go to reputable producers for quality washing machines, drying machines, and other items required for your laundry business. However, if you’re low on startup capital, you can go for second-hand equipment. You should make sure the equipment is working and maximumly efficient. This equipment should also be water and energy efficient to prevent abnormal electricity and water bills.  
6. Hire skilled labor 

For quality services for your customers, you’ll require more than one head running the laundry shop especially if you’ve started with more than one washing machine. Go for the best individuals and make sure they’ve mastered how to handle and operate the machines. This will increase your clients’ trust in you and this would keep them coming back again and again.  

7. Sales marketing 

You’ll notice that your business won’t probably bear fruits during the first few days. Ask me ‘why’. There’s one last thing you need to do for an upcoming business to bloom its way up, advertising your laundry business. Create awareness in and around your target market about your services, offers, and any product prices you might have in your business. Don’t forget to mention your location and Brand name as well. Lastly, you can make a giant step by creating an online presence for your laundry business and advertising it across your target market. Increasing your brand visibility will certainly increase your sales amount.  
Remember to keep an eye on any possible competitors to prevent your business from breaking down. This will help you consider offering top-notch laundry services for your clients to make your business outstanding. Now that you’ve mastered How to start a laundry business in Kenya; start yours today to earn profits and grow your business to its success.

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