How you should clean your vagina after peeing

How you should clean your vagina after peeing

When it comes to cleaning the vagina after peeing, there has always been some debate about what’s better: washing with water or wiping with tissue paper. We’re settling that argument once and for all!

We all have been schooled on basic feminine hygiene rules ever since we were kids. And one of the most important lessons that we’ve learned is that cleaning your intimate area every time you pee is of the utmost importance. Now, this is something that we have learned by heart. But have you wondered why it is necessary?

You see, when you don’t clean yourself down thereafter peeing, the urine droplets stuck in your pubes get transferred to your underwear. This gives rise to a foul odor. Moreover, it also gives birth to bacteria in your underwear, increasing the risk of urinary tract infections (UTI). Cleaning immediately after you pee reduces that risk.

Now when it comes to cleaning, you have two options: our desi way of washing up using water, and the more firangi way of wiping yourself clean with toilet paper. But what is better?

Wiping with tissue paper has its benefits, but…

Women abroad have always been using toilet paper to clean themselves and it is a great way to absorb all the moisture post peeing. Since moist lady bits can be a hub for bacteria, toilet paper works brilliantly when it comes to keeping things downstairs dry and hygienic.

But, toilet paper not only generates a huge amount of waste but continuously rubbing the paper against your skin can also cause vaginal irritation and skin sensitivity among some women. Moreover, it can also increase the spread of bacteria if not used properly.

So, should you switch to washing?

Using water for cleaning not only guarantees efficient cleaning but also prevents the spread of bacteria to your private parts. It also avoids direct hand contact (we’re looking at you jet sprays) so it is more hygienic. That said, be it urine or water—leaving your nether region wet is a bad idea. So, make sure you towel dry after using water.

Wiping or washing: That is the question!

Now that you know the whole truth you can make informed and wiser choices. While one hand, dry toilet paper is a convenient way of cleaning yourself—especially if you frequent public toilets. But on the other hand, water is the most effective way to clean and ensures that the job is done.
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