Important gas cylinder safety tips that you should know

Important gas cylinder safety tips that you should know

Do you know what can cause a gas cylinder explosion? 

Many people use gas for cooking at home. But do we know that it can be a potential cause of many hazards if not well handled? Gas-related accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injuries at home. Gas leakage is fuel in its final stage of ignition and can cause fire explosion if left unattended. 

How to detect a gas leak. 

Gas cannot be seen, but it can be smelt. However, there are other ways where you can detect a gas leak. 

  • If your flame is orange or yellow instead of blue and leaves soot on your cooking appliances 
  • Listen to identify a hissing sound from your gas connection or the banner 

  What to do when you detect a gas leak. 

If you detect or suspect that there is a gas leak in your home. Take the following measures to mitigate the threat. 

  • Turn off the gas supply to ensure there is no more leak. 
  • Open all doors windows and any ventilation to ensure fresh air circulation in the house. 
  • Do not use electric devices such as laptops and phones these things cause a spark which can cause the already leaked gas to ignite. 
  • Do not smoke, or use any open flames such as a candle because it can cause the leaked gas to explode hence causing a fire. 

How to prevent gas leaks. 

Often prevention is better and easier than cure, hence we need to ensure that we take action possible to prevent gas leaks in our homes.  Here are some tips that we can use to ensure that there is no gas leak in our homes. 

  • Ensure your burner is tightly secured 
  • Check your appliances for wear and tear and ensure that they are serviced regularly 
  • Inspect on the LPG pipes after every refill before using. 

How to prevent Gas Cylinder Explosion 

Domestic gas cylinders if not well handled can lead to fatal accidents such as explosions. Therefore learning how to prevent gas cylinder explosions is important. The following are safety tips that you can apply when handling gas cylinders. 

  • Keep the gas knob out of reach for children when not using it. 
  • Make sure that the kitchen or cooking area is well ventilated for a good flow of air in case of a gas leak. 
  • Educate people around you on gas cylinder safety measures and how to use and handle gas cylinders. 
  • Do not use Meko for long hours while cooking. 

LPG cylinders should be bought from authorized dealers only. 

It’s vital to follow the guidelines and educate the elders and kids about the handling of LPG cylinder, preventive measures and do’s and don’ts in case of an emergency. However, there’s no need to be fearful of LPG cylinders as they are of high tenacity. It is by proper maintenance of gas appliances that LPG explosions can be averted. 

Hope the article was beneficial. Kindly give us feedback and any more tips on how to detect and avoid gas cylinder explosions. 


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