Incredible Kenyan Holiday Jobs that Pay You Well

Incredible Kenyan Holiday Jobs that Pay You Well

Getting a temporary well-paying job during the holiday season as a Kenyan is so easy. Employers are increasing their man-power for the anticipated customers patronising their stores. These seasonal jobs will pay you so much money and if you can do them well, they’ll give you the gig over and over again. 

What are the holiday jobs that pay the best? 

The following holiday jobs will pay you so much plus the tips you’ll make: 

  1. Cocktail Waitress

Cocktail waitresses get paid twice as much as normal hotel waitresses. You are serving high-end clientele so must know how to converse with them in a professional manner. To get a cocktail waitress job in Kenya, hunt for the position in a five-star hotel or a bar that has high-end clientele. The best way is by recommendation and also saying you’ll get paid on commission and not end month salary.

That way the employer doesn’t feel burdened. To cash in, provide top-notch margaritas and other cocktail poisons or learn from these top cocktail masters.

Mix them in your house then go do in the bar. And network because this is a job that arises from recommendations or great word of mouth. 

2. Dancer 

It doesn’t matter what kind of dance you do. During the holiday season, the dance can be in the streets or in a gogo club.

You can travel to houses with clients and give them great lap dances.

A great lap dance doesn’t mean having intimacy with the client, go with a bodyguard.

Or establish yourself as a guru/expert in a particular dance like belly dancing, lap dancing, twerking.

Then in the VIP section of a high-end bar or restaurant give private sessions and get paid top dollar. 

3. Street Entertainer 

A street entertainer does perform magic, dance moves or plays the drum.

When strutting the streets of France and the Netherlands, this is a common practice.

People contribute from as small as 5 euros to as much as 200 or 500 euros.

So get the certification to enable you to perform without being chased.

Stage an acrobatic show by yourself or employ other people to work under you.

Now, that may bring you to national recognition status. Find an area within your town with a lot of traffic and get to work. 

4. Freelancer Painter

You don’t have to paint from a fancy location or own a gallery studio.

You can start from a mall-like two-rivers or if the fee is unaffordable, simply jump into the streets and get going.

Have a portrait of someone you love. Paint it to perfection and start seeing the orders flying.

You can buy a painters starter package and canvas in bulk and get to work. Make sure to buy the best pain there is to ensure your work stands out. 

5. Caterers 

We love to eat during the holidays, I mean who doesn’t love food anyway.

Are you talented in cooking some meals that others don’t know how to prepare in their homes?

Do you know how to find ingredients that others can’t find in their shops? It’s time to take a jump.

You can start with a few a car with all your pots or hire and a few people working on commission to help you.

Or better yet buy a food truck and let people know you cook for a living.

Turn the recipes into a cookbook and help others interested in building a cooking business.

You can move fro home to home and help busy mums and dads make a week’s in advance meals. 

6. Teacher 

Do you know a skill you can teach others when they’re relaxing during the December holidays? It’s time to stand and do the work.

You’ll teach them a particular craft is it mastering their mindset. Is it playing a musical instrument?

Do you have a skill in photography and would love to share with others.

You can group your classes into sessions for kids and mums or dads. Teaching isn’t limited to classes only, it can be in any niche. 

7. Meal Planner 

Some parents work during the December holidays why not cash in by helping these busy arents with meal preparations.

You can cook for them too or simply help them come up with a menu template like this one here for healthy meals.

And you can break the meal menus into different categories. For kids, infants, mums on healthy diets or keto diets and all. 

8. Closet Organiser

If you know about Marie Kondo’s way of organising your home, you’re going to make other homes less messy by using this method to organise their homes.

The area of an organiser isn’t saturated and many people have so much clutter lying around their houses and they don’t know how to get rid of it.

Help women, men and kids get rid of clothes which don’t spark joy for them. 

9. Baby-Sitters 

Being employed as a baby sitter means having to make noise and finding activities for children/kids to do the whole day.

Learn how to start a daycare business the right way and cash in on women who give birth during this time and need a rest.

Or parents going out at night to catch in on the holiday fun.

Get the basics of starting a daycare here and run one the right way by getting the niche guide, business plan and the baby daycare centre ebook. 

10. Tour Guide 

Kenyans are travelling a lot during the December holidays, calling is, ‘’local tourists’’.

Be a local tour guide by taking the tourists visiting your town from all over Kenya.

To make the tour guide business pay you mush money, have a car/Nissan and take your guests far and wide.

If you plan on having international tourists make sure to get gate/national park passes.

Be a well-travelled person in your area to know the unbeaten paths.

Don’t take guests to animals only and also introduce them to adventures as well. 

11. Hosts/ Hotel Jobs 

Starting an Airbnb business or getting a hotel job during the hotel season means getting high tips.

Guests pay a premium amount for great housekeeping.

And if you’re a host, know about great customer service and turn your Airbnb from more than house-sharing but a hotel. 

12. Salon

The salon business streams with customers from all over.

Teens needing to experiment with hairstyles of their choice and learning about the salon business.

Do you know how to install wigs and braiding?

Those never go out of style. Can you apply makeup or do great mani and pedicure.

Ask to be paid on commission and know about great customer service to allow the owner to call you the next holiday season. 

13. Writer 

If you are a talented writer, why not jump in and start applying for writing jobs.

There are so man freelancing sites that help writers get jobs. They can be  ProBlogger jobs board by Darren or the Sophie Lizard one.

If you need to know how to SEO Copywrite, it’s time to buy the course by inkwell editorial.

Writers are always in high demand and writers in all fields.

And you can make as much as 100 dollars or more per article and depend on how valuable your skills are.

Plus a lot of freelancers don’t work during the holidays so the market isn’t over-saturated. 

14. Graphic Designers 

Are you a talented graphic designer and can draw great designs for greeting cards.

It’s time to get into the trade and learn how to digitise your work. You can work for an ad agency or start your own business.

Or start an Instagram channel and showcase your drawing skills to the world. 

15. Home Decorator 

As a home decorator, you’ll be responsible for making people’s houses stand out. You can include vases and pillows and wall arts.

If you have a team you can help cash in by organising their closets or tidy their closets. 

16. Bakers 

The holidays mean that people are in celebratory moods.

They want to eat the best cakes and have the best-baked desserts.

You can make money by either baking for them at their homes or at events.  The cake business relies on visuals and word of mouth.

Make sure you showcase your baking and decorating prowess before. 

17. Event Planners 

Do you love to plan/arrange parties?

What a better time to bring your experience than the holiday season.

You’ll help design the party layout, dress the tables and chairs and come up with other decorating goodies.

You can decorate according to themes if it’s a birthday or wedding or graduation or according to age.

Kids parties are often colourful and adult parties fancier with photoshoots and video shoots for sharing online on Instagram.

Make sure to choose the best gear for decorating the event like cameras, video cameras, phones and have enough batteries or reusable batteries or party stations.

Make the event as memorable as possible. 

18. Tailoring 

The sewing business gets lucrative every holiday season.

Why not immerse yourself in sewing clothes or pillows or home decor items for the holidays.

Parents buy lots of custom-made clothing and costumes during this holiday season as well.

Learn how to start a tailoring business by following this guide. 

19. Spa/Massage Treatment 

Relaxing is paired with the holidays for a reason, it’s time to take it easy.

Do you want to start a massage business from home?

This is the time to do when others are relaxing.

You move from home to home with a portable massage bed, great oils in hand and give people the best treatment of their lives.

If you’re doing house to house visits, make sure to have a licence or massage therapy licence or work in a five-star restaurant or have an Airbnb where you provide massage as an experience. 

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