Ladies, this is why you should always wear cotton underwear

Cotton underwear
Many have heard this over and over again – “it is important for us as women to wear cotton panties.” But, some women still don’t take it very seriously. Personally, wearing cotton panties is something I don’t compromise on. Yeast infections are no joke. The prolonged yeast infection you’ve been battling might be you re-infecting yourself by wearing the wrong panties. So, just in case you’ve never heard it before, or you don’t quite understand, this is why you should always wear cotton underwear.

Cotton Underwear Help Prevent Yeast Infection And Itching

The number one reason why the doctors prescribe cotton panties is because it prevents yeast infections. Yeast develops in a warm and moist environment and cotton absorbs moisture. When you wear underwear made from synthetic materials, instead of absorbing, they trap moisture in your vagina and before long you will start feeling some itching sensations and what follows after is yeast.

Stops Odor: Satin, Silk, Nylon and other materials may make you feel sexier, but they also trap urine and sweat which in-turn will cause vaginal odor. If you are having problems with vaginal odor, stop reading this article right now, pour out the contents of your underwear bag, select all your synthetic under-wears and dispose of them right away. Then come back and continue reading.

Cotton Underwear Provides Protection During Period

Because cotton is an ‘absorber’, when excess blood slips off your pad and spills on your panties during your period, it will absorb it.
Cotton Underwear Prevents Irritation

Cotton is very soft and comfortable, therefore, it doesn’t cause skin irritation as some synthetic materials. If your butt (not inside your vagina) regularly itches when you wear certain panties, it means your skin is being irritated by that material. You don’t experience that with cotton panties.


Cotton allows your vagina to breathe. It has pores that allow air to pass through thereby reducing moisture in your vagina and keeping you dry and far from yeast infections. Other materials don’t breathe therefore creating heat and moisture down there.

Many women don’t buy cotton underwear because these undergarments don’t look as sexy as synthetic panties. It may be because you’re not looking hard enough. There is cotton underwear that is sexy, although not as easy to find as nylon and other materials. If I were you, I would rather buy those grandma-looking panties and stay safe than look sexy. Besides, the guys we wear these things ‘for‘ don’t even know the difference, all they want to do is take it off.

Anyway, manufacturers of cotton panties have started making them look sexy, so you can now use one stone to kill two birds. If you still insist on wearing synthetic panties, make sure the crotch is made of cotton.


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