Most affordable, reliable Internet bundles in Kenya

Most affordable, reliable Internet bundles in Kenya

Which are the most affordable data plans or internet bundles in Kenya? This is a question many are asking considering the more than 6 hours most Kenyans spend online a day.

Watching videos, skimming news, updating our social media and gambling, are just a handful of the things we wanna do. Which is why we need internet plans that can meet our insatiable needs without putting a dent on our wallets.

While Wi-Fi offered free by institutions or home internet services can be satisfying, they are not always available to us. So it usually comes down to internet bundles offered by Telecommunication companies since we carry our phones everywhere.

I took some time to compare all the internet bundles offered by the five telecommunication companies in Kenya and made a painful discovery.

I have been wasting my hard-earned money on expensive internet bundles while I could have gotten extra bundles for a lot less.

Yet unfortunately, these seemingly expensive bundles might be the only bundles you have access to depending on your location.

Below is a comparison table of all internet bundles offered in Kenya by the top 5 telecoms.


Let’s first dive into Equitel bundles just because I want to get done with them coz seriously, these guys are just jokers. They offer limited bundles, their prices are discouraging and their network coverage is just meager!

The maximum daily Equitel bundle is a 120 MBS plan, that’s not even enough to check my Whatsapp Status. Their weekly bundles are just trash, what is 5MBS for a whole week? I doubt anybody would subscribe to such a package.

Monthly bundles are at least. But would you buy 8GB for 2K, when you can have 15GB from Safaricom at the same price? James Mwangi please step up your game.

Equitel’s only standing out feature is their 90 days, 120 days and 180 days bundles, which however aren’t beautiful either.


Safaricom has the largest coverage in the country and internet speeds are phenomenal. We’ve got to give them credit where they deserve.

However, the cost of the bundles doesn’t give value to the average Kenyan in these hard economic times. Ever. Many have criticized Safaricom for this reason and let’s not forget their calling charges are even more exploitative.

Nonetheless, for a light internet user, daily 50MBs at Ksh20 or 70MBS for Blaze subscribers would work well but only if your smartphone doesn’t guzzle bundles through background processes.

For a heavy user with loaded pockets 1GB daily at 99 bob might suffice but I think if you can spend a hundred shillings daily on bundles, you’d rather purchase the 15GB or 25GB monthly packages for 2k and 3k respectively.

I don’t love the weekly bundle. You buy 3GB at 500 use it in two days and you’re back to zero.

Recently they introduced bundles without expiry which seemed like a good thing but in terms of value, they disappoint. You can get much more for much less.


Airtel comes second in coverage and has the second-largest subscriber base at 9.7 million. Their bundles are pocket-friendly especially for Kenyans outside major towns which only have Safaricom and Airtel coverage.

Airtel daily 2GB bundle is phenomenal, especially if you are in a place with 4G coverage and even for a medium daily internet user, 200MBS at just Ksh 20 is affordable and enough to get going.

Weekly bundles aren’t that attractive but are second only to Faiba. You get almost twice as much for half the price as compared to Safaricom and Telkom.

The 6GB bundle at Ksh500 is a good try but you’ll have to control your usage to less than 1GB a day; perfect for those with self-control.

The monthly bundles are in my opinion the best, most affordable and reliable internet bundles for the common mwanainchi. These bundles are favorable for almost any type of person.

For a lite user who surfs the internet and visits Facebook or twitter without watching videos, and checks WhatsApp for messages regularly, 3GB at 300 shillings is like spending 10 bob for 100MBS daily.

If you can cap your daily internet usage to 100MBS, my friend you are on a roll. Also, supplementing this with cheap daily internet plans with free WhatsApp can save you a lot here.

For a medium user who spends considerable time watching videos, checking WhatsApp statuses and a little Instagram and YouTube, the 12GB bundle at 1k is more than enough. Just make sure you cap your daily usage for you to last the entire 4 months.

Heavy users such as online gamers, chronic users of YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Vskit, Facebook and also digital nomads who depend on the internet for their upkeep, 20GB, 30GB, and 50GB bundles give you the best value.

However, make sure Airtel internet speeds are bearable before purchasing any of these long term bundles.


Telkom bundles are beautiful too, just like Airtel even as their merging plans continue to take shape. Recently their announced the most amazing internet bundle ever, GBambe 30GB at 1k for a whole month.

What! Did I say that right? 1GB at 33 bob daily for 1 month. If you are anywhere in the country with Telkom coverage, this is the most favorable bundle cutting across any type of user. However, I also learned this bundle is not as perfect as it seems.

Another very exciting bundle Telkom has in the 5GB night bundle at 39 bob; perfect for nocturnal surfers or torrent downloaders. With only 40 shillings, you can download five movies rather than spending 150 shillings at the movie store.

The only shortcoming that bothers me is Telkom’s coverage which is not very encouraging. You need to be in popular towns to enjoy these packages.

Overall, their normal bundles are better than Safaricom’s but offer less value for money than Airtel’s. Of course, Equitel has no say here.


Welcome to the king of value when it comes to internet bundles. At only 50 bob, you get 1GB daily which beats all the other Telecoms.

For a good weekly bundle, you can choose either 8GB at 300 or 15GB at 500. I don’t think there is any other more attractive 7day bundle. But wait till you hear the monthly bundles.

25GB, 40GB, 70GB, 120GB, and 210GB; someone must be smoking some nice blunt from Jamaica. These bundles are not only crazy but also affordable; ranging between 1k to 6k. Jamii Telecommunications takes the prize, no doubt.

But the unfortunate truth is that Faiba has very limited coverage. Only the three cities and other major towns are covered; Nairobi, Central, Eldoret, Kisumu, Mombasa, and Nakuru. To add salt to the injury, it’s only a selected few phones that can use the Faiba internet. This is such a disappointment for now, but I’m moving to one of these towns soon. So I’ll be hooked with these bundles like a toddle and its toys.
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