Rev: Easy Money with Transcription

Rev: Easy Money with Transcription


In 2010, Fox Transcribe was founded by Dan Kokotov, David Abrameto, Jason Chicola, Josh Breinlinger, Mark Chen, and Paul Huck. The inspiration came from the successful oDesk platform, where some of the founders got their start.

Three years later, the company rebranded to Rev with a new board of directors Venky Ganesan of Globespan Capital Partners, Craig Sherman (former COO of, and Austin Ligon (founder of CarMax).

These days, Rev has become a popular player in the gig economy, where Freelancers can caption and transcribe works for businesses all over the world. But how much money can you make with Rev? How do you get started on the platform?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Rev.

Requirements to Become a Freelancer

Becoming a transcription freelancer is simple. There are no complex requirements for you to fulfill that could hinder your start.

Rev indicates that anyone of legal age that has a good command of any language, powerful listening skills, and fast typing talent can become a freelancer. The company offers several online freelancing jobs, including transcription and captions.

In order to have your application accepted, you must first pass an entrance test. Freelancers with apt listening skills that can type fast and without mistakes or highlight captions accurately should have no issue quickly passing the first entry test.

While these requirements are essential, Rev focuses on your listening, accuracy, and precise details on assignments.

In order to rise above the rest, tailor your profile and job description to match what the clients need. Professional education is an added advantage, but applications and IT certifications give you an edge over other applicants.

How to get started as a Rev Freelancer

Starting on Rev as a freelancer is easy. Complete the application process in less than an hour, and you are signed up and ready to go. Once the site reviews and accepts your application, you can start applying for jobs or pick from the available job board.

A few trips to improve your selection process is to choose jobs that draw your interests, start low, and work your way up to more complex jobs.

After filling out your personal information, proceed to complete the question and answer section. The quiz helps ascertain freelancers’ language and grammar skills. Carefully, go through the sample test issued, take your time, answer all of the questions, and submit. The only challenge is that you will have a timeline to complete the caption or transcription.

Once you decide to complete the transcript, bring your listening devices into a quiet area, and listen. Redo the process as much as possible, following the conversation, and type in the details. Check for accuracy and label all the speakers in the audio.

For captions, passing the tests is easy. Watch the video given to you, understand what is being said, and convey these through your typing skills. Do not change what is being said, but you may need to improve your presentation to match the sounds or convey the tone to pass the test.

To ensure a successful application, you need to brush up on your language and grammar. Practice transcribing small videos and other audio files for approximately three minutes, the same length as the test given at Rev. Time your work process to match a similar timeline and revise your work to check the issued guidelines. Identify the speakers, look out for proper spelling, search for specific terminologies in use, and edit your grammar, including punctuation.

Also be sure to pay attention to your Rev profile, as it helps build your credibility and professional reliability. Highlight the right skills, including different transcription services using the right keywords for higher search rank. Remember, this is a competition amongst freelancers, and the easiest way to attract clients is by having an attractive profile.

Work Process

When you log in to your personal account, you will see a long list of customer audio files with corresponding project details.

For each work, the media content, length, and project rate are already listed upfront, helping you decide whether the available job will suit your schedule or not. You may claim the job and work on it according to the set guidelines of Rev, but you can’t bring the file back if you ever decide not to transcribe it.

You don’t need to install any transcribing software as Rev offers a web-based working platform that allows you to transcribe audio and submit the transcript once completed. You may use foot pedals to expedite the transcription process if you think that the built-in transcribing tool is not sufficient to do the work comfortably. As for the clients, they can download the ordered transcript in various formats, including MS Office Word, text, and PDF.

One great thing is that transcribers don’t need to stay active on the working platform at all times. But they are encouraged to check the platform from time to time to receive projects. You can decide when you want to work or how much you want to transcribe without worrying about the minimum number of transcribed words per day.

What to expect as a Freelancer

After a successful application, it is time to start completing contracts on Rev and getting paid. For every complete project, you submit and is approved, you receive the payments directly to your Rev account. Use an agreed-upon payment platform to access your funds. The primary payment platform on Rev is PayPal.

Pay for transcription is dependent on the job category and amount per minute or entire audio. Captions also follow the same rule. Therefore, the more jobs you complete, the higher the amount you collect in a single day, week, or month.

Pros and Cons of Using Rev

The pros of working on Rev are extensive, but the most prominent include working at anytime, anywhere – whatever is most convenient for you and your schedule.

You can start as a beginner and work your way to an expert level where you no longer have to compete for work. Payments are assured as the platform verifies the job done, the client’s ability to pay, and the freelancer’s ability to deliver.

The cons include low pay rates for some of the projects. Additionally, much like other gig economy jobs, the platform charges a specific fee to use the platform. Receiving $0.30 for a whole minute of transcription is quite discouraging to many freelancers. But don’t fret, you can also transcribe for as much as $1.10 for a single minute’s worth of work.

How much can you make with Rev?

The amount you make depends on your typing speed, quality of work you produce, experience level, accuracy, and more. Since you cannot establish your own pay rates, you have to select jobs that help you accumulate the most from a short period. Pick simple projects but with a higher pay out to maximize your income on the platform.

You can work part-time and still earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars from Rev in a year. After all, Rev Transcription jobs do not require match experience, but patience, apt listening or recording skills, and fast typing talent. Accuracy is a significant issue, and conveying details as they appear on the audio or caption is crucial. If satisfied with your work, some companies can offer long-term projects, and you end up earning more and more.

Every gig pays based on the effort and strategy an individual puts in it. By experimenting on smaller gigs on Rev, expanding your client list with successful job completions, good client ratings, and a strong portfolio, you can get any project you set your mind on. Honing your skills can be the driving force that earns you extra dollars online.

How to make the most money with Rev

On Rev, the faster and more accurately you complete a project, the more you earn. It means you have to find a few tricks to help you finish your projects efficiently without grammar or language mistakes. These hacks also help you complete your caption or transcription earlier than indicated, meaning you can get another job if you are a full-time Revver.

Consider using text expanders that automatically expand an acronym to a full word or phrase, saving you typing time. Autocorrect after you complete the entire project. It saves you time starting and stopping the caption or transcription audio each time you make a mistake.

Look for applications that help slow down speakers in the audio file given. Rev has a speed adjustment tool on the website to help freelancers adjust playback. The tool also speeds up audio, helping you complete the job faster if the speakers are too slow.

Use the right tools like Autocorrect for spelling and completion of terms. If dealing with mathematical functions or statistics, a spreadsheet eliminates any form of distraction, taking your attention from the project at hand.

Finally, find a comfortable spot to work on your project. It reduces fatigue, helping you handle more tasks, which turns into more money.


How long does it take to sign up to be a Freelancer on Rev?

Creating an account on Rev takes approximately 1 hour. You have to complete a language test. Once you pass the grammar and language test, you take another caption or transcription test. Submit and wait for the approval.

Is Rev available in my area?

Yes, Rev is an online marketplace where freelancers and clients interact openly. You can log in from anywhere in the world and complete your projects. In order to use Rev, all you need is a reliable internet connection and a laptop or PC to complete your project.

Can I freelance on transcriptions and captions at the same time?

It depends on your skillset. If you can transcribe, you log into Rev and join the transcription job board. However, if you are transcribing, you can only complete that single job first before choosing a captioning project. The same applies to captions. Once you select the project, you have to complete the job before picking out another.

What’s the difference between Transcription and Caption?

Transcription involves listening to an audio, typing the conversation, and checking for grammar and language mistakes. Captions affect a video file, where you watch, organize exchanges, and creatively portray every sound coming from the video file. Both files should result in accurate and precise details before submitting to Rev.

Are there any advantages to using Rev?

First, you can work from any location convenient to you. Second, you choose your projects depending on your work skills. Third, you can work for as long as you want or on a part-time basis. Lastly, earn any amount by putting in the extra hours or honing your skills.

How do I reach the Rev Customer service?

The company provides both freelancers and clients with their contact information, including a phone number: 888-369-0701, and email address: Customer Care Services are available to you during work hours. Seek clarifications, make inquiries, or get essential information on the platform by contacting the Rev Customer Care Services.

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