Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Kenya

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Kenya

Kenya lies within the coastline of the Indian Ocean, encompassing it are the savannah, Lakeland’s mountain Highlands and the dramatic great rift valley. Kenya is a safe habitat to a large reserve of wildlife and natural resources and hosts lots of tourist attractions and parks.

Vacation in Kenya wouldn’t seem like a trip away from home if you are a nature lover plus the Kenyan economy is one of the castes growing amidst the Sub-Saharan African countries so this boosts investor confidence, with a stable economy and peaceful environment. If settling is what you are for and not just the vacation and sightseeing, you haven’t made a wrong decision because Kenya offers good job privileges, and landing a good-paying job wouldn’t be much toil.

Highest Paying Jobs In Kenya

1. Pilots earn ksh300000 in Kenya. It’s a ridiculous sum I know and that’s because becoming a pilot takes three years of study with lots of other inconveniences as airline or commercial pilots have to navigate airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft. They need knowledge of various fields to fly successfully and with the frequent layovers at night; they work several hectic night schedules.

2. Doctors in Kenya go home with ksh284000 as their annual salary. This is due to the risky health jobs doctors take up. Some doctors are on call even on their days off to treat emergencies and attend to patients. They diagnose, treat, prescribe medicine, and offer medical counsel to patients.

3. Lawyers earn ksh284000 and are responsible for piles of legal issues like advocating for a defendant in a court, backing up treaties signed by two parties, and giving legal counsel to firms, organizations, individuals, and even in government. They ensure that the law is obeyed in a country. Some lawyers work as private lawyers for households and businesses and earn more from these jobs.

4. Judges are placed at ksh239000 per annum. Judges decide how cases will be tried using the evidence present, preside over trials, advise the jury and decide the fate of a defendant. The role of a judge is quite broad and vast.

5. Bank Managers earn ksh182,000 in Kenya, he heads a local branch and oversees the financial operation of the institution such as banks, building societies, and credit unions.

6. Chief Executive Officers in Kenya earn ksh170,000. CFOs have to manage and direct the company towards its major aim and objectives. They are responsible for making recruitment at the executive level of a business. They also have to work with a team of other executives to make major decisions including acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, or work on business expansion.

7. Chief Financial Officers generally oversee the financial or income flow in an organization, they ensure the continuity and viability of every financial strategy made and ensure that the company doesn’t run at a loss. They monitor the company’s finances, perform data analysis and advise other managers and teams on ideas to maximize profits. They earn a whooping ksh159000 yearly.

8. Orthodontist. Gone are the days when Orthodontists sourced for jobs, now they are sought after. Orthodontists are dentists who are concerned with treating broken, crooked, or misaligned teeth. They pay attention to patients’ complaints and prescribe remedies for them, they could help fix braces, offer dental advice, and treat dental-related cases. Orthodontists earn ksh153,000 yearly.

9. College Professors earn ksh136000 as their job description includes preparing course materials for lectures, seminars, field trips, or laboratory practicals. In many universities and colleges, professors have to conduct research in their fields.

10. Accountants in Kenya may earn more than ksh100,000 yearly. With multiple firms and banks in Kenya, their roles are undeniably important and include using their knowledge of accounting law, mathematics, and finance to analyze a company’s profits and losses. They also advise investors and offered strategic and incoming yielding advice to business owners and ensure that their client’s financial information is accurate.

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