Top 10 Secondary School Scholarships In Kenya

Top 10 Secondary School Scholarships In Kenya

Are you looking for a secondary school scholarship in Kenya for your child who has just completed his/her KCPE examination? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information on the lists of secondary school scholarships in Kenya, which your child needs to try out.

Lists Of Secondary School Scholarships In Kenya

1. Wings to Fly Scholarships

· The Wings to Fly Scholarships are an initiative of the Equity Group Foundation in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation.

· These scholarships support top-performing secondary school students from vulnerable and financially challenged backgrounds.

· Beneficiaries of these scholarships receive tuition fees, uniforms, books, shopping, pocket money, and accommodation, as well as transport to and from school for the entire 4 years.

2. KCB Foundation Scholarships

· The KCB Foundation Scholarships target bright and needy students who are set to pursue secondary school education but lack the resources to do so.

· 240 students are awarded KCB Scholarships yearly, with 40 slots reserved specifically for physically challenged students.

· The scholarship lasts the entire 4 years of secondary school and covers tuition fees, learning materials, personal effects, and assistive devices for students with disabilities.

3. Co-operative Bank Scholarships

· The Co-operative Bank Scholarship program is another of the top 8+ Kenya Secondary School Scholarships for 2021.

· This scholarship program targets pupils who have completed primary school education but are not able to continue to secondary school due to financial challenges.

· The Co-operative Bank Scholarships cover tuition fees, books, and school uniforms.

4. Family Bank Scholarships

· Family Bank, through the Family Group Foundation, provides up to 100 scholarships every year.  These scholarships are given to bright and needy students who are unable to access secondary education.

· Application forms for this scholarship are available at all Family Bank branches and on the Family Group Foundation website.

5. Kenya Education Fund Scholarships

· The Kenya Education Fund provides both disadvantaged students and their schools with educational resources and support.

· This scholarship fund aims to promote self-reliance among its recipients.

· The items provided by this scholarship include tuition fees, accommodation, uniform, hygiene products, textbooks, examination fees, etc.

6. Elimu Scholarship Fund

· The Elimu Scholarship Fund assists academically talented Kenyan students who have financial challenges to pursue and complete their secondary education.

· This scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, travel, books, and uniform.

7. Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Scholarships

· The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Scholarships were set up by the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation in 1968.

· The JKF aims to provide academically promising vulnerable Kenyan orphans and children with access to education and mentorship.

· This scholarship targets children who are admitted to public secondary schools.

8. Mpesa Foundation Academy Scholarships

· Mpesa Foundation Academy Scholarships are next on the list of top 8+ Kenya Secondary School Scholarships for 2021.

· These scholarships offer talented but economically disadvantaged students from across the country an opportunity to pursue their education.

· All students who are enrolled in Form one receive a full scholarship.

9. Palmhouse Foundation Scholarships

· The Palmhouse Foundation has sponsored over 850 students from across Kenya since 2002.

· This scholarship program seeks to provide financing for secondary education for bright and needy students while helping them transform their lives through mentorship.

· Recipients have their entire school fee for the four years in high school paid for, as well as their mentorship fees.

10. KTDA National Tea Scholarships

· These scholarships are managed by the KTDA Foundation and target bright but financially challenged students who are unable to meet the costs of secondary education.

· Applicants must be from or within KTDA catchment areas, as one scholarship is given out in each of the 69 KTDA managed factories.

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