Ways to Improve your Site’s SEO Rankings

Ways to Improve your Site’s SEO Rankings

Handling the on-page of a website is totally dependent upon the owner of the website. The purpose to perform on-page SEO tasks is to achieve better page rankings on Google. By doing a few on-page and off-page SEO tasks you can optimize the content of your website and attract organic traffic. 

Here are a few SEO techniques and tricks with the help of which you can boost the SEO of your website and push the ranking of your website.

The whole concept of SEO revolves around the concept of the keywords

Embedding the right kind of keywords into your content is the best thing that you can do so that when someone searches for the information related to the keyword. If the keywords have been rightly embedded into the content then it will pop out in the search engine results when anything related to it is searched.

SEO techniques help to build a website and it can help to make the web page rank higher. Some of the best On-Page SEO techniques that you must consider doing are:

Page Title

The main title of the page must have all the right set of keywords and make sure there should be no keyword stuffing. If you embed the title with the right set of keywords then it will lend a great deal in improving the ranking of the website content.              

Content should be the first priority

A website that has good content and is descriptive, explanatory can become the reason behind driving the relevant traffic and boosting the search engine rankings. Updated content is considered as one of the best indicators of the relevancy of the website. So, always make sure to keep the content of your website updated.

Use ALT Tags

Always describe the video and the visual media using the alt tags, alternative text descriptions. Image alt tags allow the search engines to locate your page for the screen readers and the browsers who are looking for text-specific content.

Meta Descriptions

Include meta descriptions for your pages. Descriptions are really important and you need to add the right set of keywords and all must be related. Make the meta description short, simple, and easy to understand, and also it must be descriptive.

Meta Tags

For every page that your page has you need to include the right set of keywords in it. These keywords are in the form of the meta tags.  The meta tags must include all the relevant keywords that were recently researched.

URL Structure

The URL structure of any page is very important and the perfect URL structure for any website must contain the following things if you want to see your website rank better

§ Your website URL must have the right kind of keyword

§ Keep the length to the least

§ Do not use the stop words in the URL of your webpage as it might harm the ranking of your page.


 If you have not yet checked the sitemap of your website then you are committing a big mistake. A sitemap is a path that is followed by the crawlers to track the entire structure of your website the entire structure includes the content, SEO performance, On-Page activities, etc. With the help of a sitemap checker, you can conduct a sitemap test on your website.

Image Alt Tag

It is known as “alt description” and “alt attribute” which is an HTML attribute that is applied to all the image tags. It is a text alternative for all the search engines. If the alt tag has been applied to the image on a website then when the crawlers will crawl the website this feature will push the rank higher of the website. This is a part of the On-Page SEO and working on the image alt tag will push the ranking of the website.

Internal Linking

Links that takes a reader from one post to another for reference is known as internal linking. With the help of internal linking you can increase the number of page views and it will also help to reduce the bounce rate.

When crawlers crawl your website they always check for the links that you have built within your website. Make sure that you have good number of internal links within your website as only that would help to boost the SEO of your website.

These are a few deadly strategies for internet marketing that will keep your website rank higher and boost the SEO of your website.

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