Why you should start blogging now

Why you should start blogging now

We started blogging in early 2013. Since blogging has been around for decades, this can be considered as a late start! So, why should you start blogging now? Well, there are very many reasons and it is never too late to get started.

We have come up with a list of 10 reasons why you should get started as early as now.

  1. It is fun

When blogging, you are free to write about the topics you love. You will spend most of your career just typing and sitting behind a laptop or a desktop. Honestly, who doesn’t love to be behind a laptop or a desktop?

  1. Learning new things

I like learning new things, so do you? As a versatile writer, I have written so many articles for the past 1 year or so which I hardly had an idea about. I learned so many things, from SOPs, and lives of various celebrities in the world to Scientific Management Theory (I bet you have come across this).

I love blogging because there is so much to learn. Even if you are writing a familiar topic, you will always discover new leads. Whether it is an opinion, observation or just a news write-up, you will come across a new thing you didn’t know.

  1. It is like businesses

No one will tell you this- a blog is a business.

You can make passive income from the comfort of your seat through affiliate marketing, native ads, selling advertisement space, accepting sponsored posts, and so on.

  1. Gain influence

To gain popularity nowadays, you must either be a politician, a volunteer, media personality, singer or simply a blogger. If you are successful enough, you will gain trust and respect from everyone who reads your content.

  1. Express yourself

A blog is an example of an expressive medium which uses photos, words, sound and so on to pass certain information. Like for example, you can blog about what you hate and what you love. Through this way, you will be expressing yourself.

  1. Help others

Love helping others to do something like losing weight, making money online or advancing their freelancing skills? A blog is an essential medium when it comes to reaching out to your target readers.

  1. Building a loyal network

There is an old adage that goes, “The richest people in the world build networks.” This is 100% true. When you have a blog, valuable posts will attract a lot of readers who will then leave comments or contact you through the links in your contact page. Some will grab your RSS feed and become your loyal readers. With this kind of a network, you can easily sell your products.

  1. Improving your writing skills

No one is perfect, right? However, through frequent posting, you can be perfect. The more you post, the more you write and the more your writing skills improve.

  1. Get more clients

If you own a business, start blogging and stand a chance to attract new potential buyers. Regularly write about the products you offer, their benefits, and so on. If you blog about technical things, some of your readers are likely to be interested in hiring you to help solve their mysteries.

  1. Boosts your creativity

Many are the times you will have to think beyond the box when drafting an article. This will over the time free your thinking.

To sum up, if you write something on any social media platform in order to receive comments, then you are a blogger. If you upload a video on YouTube to get subscribers and comments, you are a video blogger.

How has blogging changed your life? Are there other major benefits of blogging not mentioned above? Drop them in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this post to enlighten your friends so that next time when you talk about blogging, they won’t stare at you.

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