10 minute Abs – Best workout plan for a flat tummy

10 minute Abs – Best workout plan for a flat tummy
Let me ask you this: Are you tired of not being able to wear a two-piece swimsuit because you’re embarrassed about love handles, a belly pooch or just not having a flat tummy?

Are you annoyed with workout plans for abs that just leave you tired and sore without helping you lose belly fat or build toned abs?

This could be due to one of two reasons, either the ab workout routine is overly complicated resulting in you not being able to do it correctly, or even QUITTING the workout altogether because it’s too intense. Or, the ab exercise routine is not effective enough in targeting the core areas to get a flat tummy.

Below you’ll find easy, quick, and straightforward flat tummy exercises that are NOT overly complicated or intense. This workout plan will give you toned and amazing abs…

It’s perfect for you to fit into your busy daily schedule (without taking time away from other important activities in your life). You do not need to travel all the way to the gym to do this workout plan for abs, but you can do it right at home and without weights or equipment.

This ab workout can be extremely effective in giving you a flat tummy, but only if it is done along with clean eating. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet in addition to the workout routines. If you follow the meal plan and perform the ab workout on a consistent enough basis you will be on your way to developing a strong core, defined abdominal muscles and likely a six-pack (only if you’re consistent enough).

How to do these workouts: For a complete, targeted workout plan for abs – do all 13 of these exercises once, then repeat 5 of the 13 exercises. Perform each exercise for a 30-second interval. Move straight from one exercise to another for the full duration of the 10-minute routine, giving yourself two 30 second breaks at the 3-minute mark and at the 6-minute mark. This allows for a 3 circuit workout over the course of a 10-minute routine. Individualize the ab workout routine so that it is the most effective for you.

The bicycle crunches build muscle in the upper abs while also engaging the leg muscles. Simple bicycle crunches are best performed by lifting the head and shoulder blades up from the ground and then reaching the elbow to the opposite knee while holding the hands at the nape of the neck. Continue the exercise by alternating from one side to the next. The straight leg should not fully rest on the ground at any time during the workout and should remain engaged in order to get toned abs.
Plank Knee to Elbow

The plank elbow targets the love handles abdominal muscles and also the obliques. This killer exercise requires no gym equipment or weights and is performed by beginning in a straight arm plank position with legs hip-width apart. While maintaining a tight core and flat back, bring one knee up to the elbow on the same side, with the knee facing out. Repeat this movement on each side in a controlled manner in order to get six-pack abs.
Twist Crunches

Twist crunches build muscle in the midsection of the abs and help to lose belly fat. This beginner core exercises can. be performed at home by twisting the torso while curling up for a crunch. Reach the opposite elbow to the opposite bent knee while lowering the other bent leg to the ground. Continue alternating from side to side for the duration of the exercise.

Double Straight Leg Lifts

Double straight leg lifts target the belly pooch leading to a flat tummy. It provides a full lower body workout. This intense exercise is not for beginners and is performed by lying flat on the back then lifting both legs up and down without resting legs on the ground in between repetitions. This workout is important because they are one of the few exercises that do not require the use of machines yet provide a targeted workout to a specific muscle group. This means that you can perform this exercise in any place that you have a stable bench or exercise mat to work from.

Plank Jacks

When performing the plank jacks you’ll notice that they not only build muscle in the abs but also the quadriceps, biceps, and shoulders. This killer exercise can be done without going to the gym – by getting into a plank with legs together, then hoping both feet out to the sides, just outside the width of the shoulders. Once legs are out, hop back in then repeat. If done often enough, this exercise can result in weight loss and build a 6 pack.
Jack Knife

The jackknife is an intense core exercise that targets lower and upper abs. It can be hard to do for beginners. It’s performed by laying flat on the back with arms straight above the head then slowly lifting both legs up while simultaneously bringing both arms toward the legs to perform a jackknife crunch. They improve the strength and flexibility of the complete torso internally and externally. Different variations mark all the groups of all abdominal muscles through a different range of motions. A strong core helps stabilize the entire body not only as an excellent exercise on its own but also as a base for making strength for other exercises.
Leg Flutter

Leg flutter kicks targets a belly pooch and helps build muscle in the core and the legs. This exercise may be hard for beginners to perform. You can perform them by laying on your back, picking up your legs 30-45 degrees and fluttering your legs back and forth in small quick movements.

Legs In & Out

Legs in & out target the entire core, legs, and glut. This is a simple, beginner workout that can be performed by laying the back, bending legs and bringing them to the chest then extending them to a 30-45 degree angle.

Leg Scissors

Leg flutter scissors are core exercises that target the core and the legs. This killer exercise can be performed by laying on the back, picking up the legs 30,45 or 90 degrees and crisscrossing the legs at the ankles in small quick movements.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers help with weight loss by targeting muffin top, the lower core and legs. You can perform this intense ab workout by laying on your back, picking up both of your legs and swinging them in an arch notion from one side to another side.

Cross Body Toe Touch

The cross-body toe touch is an easy exercise that targets the lower and upper abs along with the upper legs. A beginner can perform this simple core exercise with little difficulty. Start by laying flat on your back, with the arms above the head and legs hip-width apart. Lift one arm from the ground while bringing up the opposite leg and reaching for the ankle. Crunch at the maximum point then relaxes the arm and leg back down. Repeat on the other side.

Up and Down Plank

The up and down plank is great for weight loss and targets the core, back, and arms. It can be done right at home by starting in the push-up position. One arm should then lower to the elbow, followed by the other arm. Once in plank position, immediately straighten one arm back to push up position then the other arm.

V – Sit

The V-sit crunches target the belly pooch of the lower abdominal muscles. Start visit position by balancing on the glut with legs bent and knees pulled in. While balancing in the glut slowly extend the legs until they are straight, then pulling them back in. Avoid resting the legs on the ground during this exercise.
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