10 Tips for Women Drivers

10 Tips for Women Drivers

Women can't drive. How many times have you heard this from your male compatriots? My guess is, pretty often. Admittedly, some of them are just plain chauvinistic who would want to exclude us from what has so far been his domain for he is afraid that this bastion may not be his alone for long. But one can't help but wonder, is some of the criticism indeed valid? Could we actually be doing a few things wrong? And, most importantly, what are we doing wrong and how do we set them right? We bring some top tips to help you, the modern woman, become a better driver. Meanwhile, the chauvinists can eat your car's dust.

1. It’s a shoe thing!

Those 4in stilettos might go great with your power suit, but they are not good for driving. Not only can they slip off the pedals, which is very dangerous, you might also get aches and pains in your calves. A simple solution would be to keep a pair of flat shoes in the car at all times for driving and carry the heels along.

2. Making calls and sending messages

Going by public opinion, the best time to make calls or send text messages or even BBM your friends is when you're driving. Now, we understand women can multi-task but not well enough to be able to drive as well. So for your own safety, and that of others in the vicinity, don’t talk or text when driving. And if you see someone in traffic doing this, give him or her as much space as possible because you won’t LOL if you are hit by the fool.

3. Singing while driving

Music is as vital for the road as fuel itself, but some of what passes for music must be partially to blame for bad driving. While we won't contemplate the cultural impact of Katy Perry, we will tell you singing along with her while driving can be disastrous. When women sing and drive, the driving becomes far less a concern than the crooning. So hold on to your talent until you reach the destination.

4. Pump it up, a little more

Your tyres will last longer if you drive on properly inflated tyres. But what is properly inflated? It depends on the make and model of your car. You can check the sticker on the inside of the car door or fuel lid or manual to learn the proper inflation for your car tyres. Driving on properly inflated tyres will help them last longer and improve fuel efficiency as well.

5. Mirror cracked

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all? Women often use the car's rear view mirrors to look at themselves. Please remember, the mirrors in a car are for seeing what's behind it.

6. Oil, do it tomorrow

Many of us have a hectic schedule but we never forget to oil our hair. After all when you want healthy hair – oiling it is the best remedy. But then why ignore our cars? They too need some care for them to last you long enough and remain reliable.

Checking the level of oil is one thing that you should definitely not put off for tomorrow. If your car runs out of oil, the engine will have no lubrication, seize up and die, leaving you with a car that doesn’t work and an expensive repair bill. To avoid this, check the oil level once a month. It should be between the minimum and maximum marks. If not, top it up.

7. It’s a car and not a wardrobe 

Looking for a coat or a pair of shoes in the boot? Turning your car into a wardrobe is not a good idea. The more weight you car carries the more fuel it will consume! Take one day of a week and empty the car. Just think, with what you save on wasted fuel you might end up with enough clothes for a whole new wardrobe altogether!

8. Letting your friends in the car

We let our buddies ride in the car with us, and what happens? Every guy is acting like he’s the driver. They have their eyes on the road at all times, regardless of the discussion. Conversations are held without eye contact as long as the car’s moving, period. For women, the focus is on everyone except the world rushing at them. Do a favour: If you’re going to do that on the road, take the bus.

9. The essentials

Can you imagine stepping out of home without the lipstick, comb and eyeliner? Even the thought is sacrilegious! The modern woman has to be prepared for every eventuality that life throws at her. But that might also include a tyre puncture on a dark road. So along with the lipstick and the eyeliner, keep a torch (in working condition of course), jack and properly inflated spare wheel, a cloth and first aid kit.

10. Creative vision?

Big, fluffy soft toys on the parcel tray, beads and more fluffy toys hanging from the rearview mirror. These are only a few of women's favourite car decorations. But these can be dangerous obstructions to visibility. Avoid them if you can.


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