Download P3 Form [PDF] Online (Reasons You may Need it in Kenya)

Download P3 Form [PDF] Online (Reasons You may Need it in Kenya)

Reasons Why you may Need a P3 Form in Kenya and How to Find it Online @KenyanTraffic

A P3 form is used to request for medical examination by a Medical Officer of Health, in order to determine the nature and extent of the bodily injury sustained by a complainant(s) in assault cases.

The P3 form is in two parts. 

Part I.

This is filled out by the Police Officer assigned to the case, indicating details of the complainant or suspect in question in a particular case, as well as a brief summary of the allegations. 

Part II.

It is stated clearly that a registered Medical Officer or Medical Practitioner can fill the form. This extends to include Dental and Clinical Officers. In criminal offences, government doctors must be the ones to fill the form.

Part II is divided into 4 sections, Sections A to D. Section A is mandatory for all cases. Filling of Sections B, C, and D depends on the nature of the case.

Who needs a P3 form?

1. Victims injured in cases of, but not limited to:

2. Sexual assault – children and adults

3. Domestic violence/Intimate partner violence

4. Child abuse and neglect

5. Road traffic injuries

6. Occupational hazards

7. Animal attacks

Process involved in obtaining a P3 form

Victims of violence either report to police stations first then the hospital or to hospitals first then the Police Station, usually depending on the degree of injury and/or safety.

I recommend visiting a hospital first before Police Stations whenever possible to allow for medical intervention and for findings to be documented.

Victims require a Medical Report from the hospital before the P3 can be filled.

Sexual assault cases should ensure a Post Rape Care(PRC) form is filled out prior to filling of the P3 form. This PRC form is a ministry of health document found, filled and stored at medical facilities.

Note that for rape cases, a Post Rape Care (PRC) form should be filled. This PRC form is required before filling of the P3 can be done.

What are the outcomes following the filling of a P3 form

1. The outcome depends on the case that brought about the need for the P3 form. In brief,

2. If the case is criminal and involving a minor, then the complainant and accused MUST end up in court.

3. If adults are involved in say, domestic violence not resulting in death, then the complainant decides whether or not to proceed with a court process.

4. If for example 2 adults are involved in a bar fight not resulting in death, then the complainant can decide whether or not to proceed with the case after the P3 form is filled.

5. In sexual violence cases involving an ADULT complainant, they decide whether or not to proceed to court.

6. In sexual violence cases involving minors, the case MUST proceed to court.



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