How to Become the Hottest Girl in College

How to Become the Hottest Girl in College

Hey girls!!! How are you all? It has been so long since I have written something apart from the usual product reviews. So I thought why not start with a most-awaited and curious topic – How to Become Hottest Girl in the College. I guess this has become the need of the hour. We all want to look different and noticeable and it might be possible that you don’t love to wear so much makeup but looking flawless is no harm.

I still remember my first day in college, I was all worried about my hair, looks, clothes everything. Not only the first day, but each and every day was tough for me to decide what to wear. I have faced lots of breakouts, frizzy hair, etc and finally, I learned How to Become Hottest Girl in College.

Now before you make a confined definition of a ‘hottest’ let me clarify one thing, from my point of view hottest doesn’t imply being revealing all the time. It simply means to look different, gorgeous, confident, and attractive. People love attention, especially us girls ๐Ÿ™‚ Now this is not something too difficult if you have a clear idea about your own style statement.

Let us check out a few tips on How to Become Hottest Girl in the College.

How to Become Hottest Girl in the College – Skin Care

Yes, the most important point is our skin. You should first treat your skin in the right way to keep it healthy and fresh. A fresh look with a sweet smile can get all the attention. So make sure that you follow a proper skincare routine, starting from cleansing to moisturizing. Additionally, you should try some home facials or homemade masks at least once a week. Here is a short recipe that will suit almost all skin types.

Add a tablespoon of lemon juice to a small amount of gram flour ( besan) and mix it well, you can add some yogurt and honey too. Apply on face and neck, keep it for 10 min and wash off to discover instant glowing skin.

How to Become Hottest Girl in the College – Hair Care

Now I would recommend a good haircut. Go to a salon and ask the stylist to style your hair according to your face cut. Apart from it, I feel that healthy hair is most important. You should treat your hair with oil and some good mask at least once a week. You can apply henna too if you have a dull-looking hair. Next, don’t forget to wrap your hair before you go into the sun, use some serum to control the frizz. And here you go simply natural and awesome.

How to Become Hottest Girl in the College – Hair Style and Makeup

See you are not going to a party, where you will be in air conditioning all the time. So make sure that you don’t feel uneasy. Try to do a style in which you feel comfortable, it will make you look more confident.

Avoid heavy makeup; keep it natural with light kajal and some pinkish lips. Gloss will do a miracle, it gives a fresh look. You don’t want to look tired right?

How to Become Hottest Girl in the College – Proper Outfit

These days jumpsuits are in fashion. They look easy and sexy at the same time. You will feel comfortable and attractive to others. Try something new like try out one piece, or a floral frock. You can also try shirts, sometimes in sometimes out. Match different tank tops with colorful shorts. Just be confident, and make sure that you are comfortable.

How to Become Hottest Girl in the College – Accessories

Don’t accessorize too much. A single bracelet or funky statement necklace will go perfectly with your shirt. Make sure that they complement your attire.

How to Become Hottest Girl in the College – Nails

Oh yes, how can I forget this!! I love nail art; I can’t see bare nails even in my dreams. Style your nails with multi-color or sometimes just black. It’s all up to you. Make new designs, and have fun.

How to Become Hottest Girl in the College – Eyewear

If you have a nerdy look, then go and have some cool pair of glasses. You can also opt for reflectors these days as they are in trend very much.

How to Become Hottest Girl in the College – Smell Good

You don’t what to stink, right? Whatever you are wearing and how sexy you are looking, all will all go in vain if you stink. Prefer some mild deodorants or perfume. Try to use some floral picks, but remember too much sugar always ruins the cup of tea. Learn how to balance, if you have bad sweat odors then do some home remedies to treat them instead of wearing heavy smelling deodorant.

Apart from all these, wear a smile and be confident. Keep in mind that a gloomy face with all accessories will be a waste of time. Be hygienic and just follow these simple steps and I assure you, that in no time you will become the centre of attraction for all. Have fun and enjoy your day ๐Ÿ™‚
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