In this article, we are going to know HOW TO SETUP GOOGLE ANALYTICS 4 (GA4) IN BLOGGER.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free analyzing tool provided by Google. It helps us to know what is happening on our website like how the website is performing, how many visitors are coming to a website, from where they are coming, etc.

It helps us know the performance of our website so that we can take more effort into our website to make it a great website.

Let’s see how to install Google Analytics on blogger.

What is Google Analytics 4 ID?

Google Analytics 4 is the newest and greatest version of Google Analytics launched by Google in October 2020.

According to Google, Google Analytics 4 will provide smarter insights as compared to the old version. They also hope that Google Analytics 4 will provide insight into eCommerce also, and will help to make better marketing decisions.

What about Blogger with Google Analytics?

As we know that blogger has a very simple method to install google analytics old version’s tracking ID, but it is not accepting Google Analytics 4’s new measurement ID.

1. Google Analytics' old version tracking ID begins with UA.

2. Google Analytics 4’s measurement ID is beginning with G.

So this is the reason why Blogger is not accepting GA4’s measurement ID.

How to Install Google Analytics 4 measurement ID in Blogger.

First, we have to create a Google Analytics account.

Go to and sign in to google analytics with your Google account.

Then you will see the account setup page, fill up your information and click next.

Then you have to fill in your property information, type your property name, your location, your time zone, and your currency then click next.

Now you have to choose your number of employees, then check the boxes and click on create.

After this google analytics will show you its terms of service, check both the boxes, and click on accept.

Now click on the web and fill up your information like your web address and website name, then click create a stream.

Now you will see the following webpage. The highlighted component is your measurement ID. Just scroll down and you see the option “global site tag(gtag.js)”. Click on that and you will see a code snippet. It contains your measurement ID which you have to paste in your blogger’s theme.xml file. Copy that code and move it to your blogger’s theme editor.

Paste this code as the first item into the head of your blogger theme.xml file and save it.

You have successfully installed the Google Analytics 4 property in your blogger after some hours you will start getting your blogger’s insight and real-time data. Great job.

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