IEBC Jobs Interview Questions You Should Expect and Answers

IEBC Jobs Interview Questions You Should Expect and Answers

Those who were lucky enough to get calls from IEBC for temporary election jobs can now relieve themselves a little but a big task lay ahead.

The grueling questions are just simple when briefed before. Furthermore, the election conduction task is so big than anything else.

Read the following questions below you should expect and do more research. You never just know

IEBC Interview sample questions

1. Define; BVR, IEBC, IEDS
2. State six elective positions
3. Identify four core values of IEBC
4. In two sentences explain how u can assist IEBC to ensure a fair and credible election.
5. Identify five key activities that take place prior to the election.
6. Highlight the duties and responsibilities of a clerk.
7. Who is in charge of a polling station.


1. Biometric voter registration, Independent electoral, and boundaries commission, Intermediate Electrol device systems
2. President, governor,senator, m.p, women rep, M.C.A
3. Integrity, accountability, nonpartisan, fair, honest,
4. Being just, being fair, And committed
5. Voter registration, voter education, training of officials, voter verification
6. Marking layout to voters, issuance of baLlot papers to voters, counting, cleaning the station, taking other duties assigned by the presiding officer,
7. Returning officer

Requirements for IEBC interview

RE; Photocopies of Your Academic Certificates And National Identity Card
This is to request you to bring the above copies to the IEBC constituency office at Ogembo, next to the deputy county commissioner’s office by the latest on ... between 8.00am and 5.00pm.
With warm regards.
If you get this message on your phone know that you are about to be hired. We wish you luck.

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