Make Money With Your Blog By Serving Ezoic Ads

Make Money With Your Blog By Serving Ezoic Ads

There are a few different ways that you can make money with Ezoic. One way is to join the Ezoic Publisher Network, which is a collection of sites that use Ezoic’s technology. Ezoic also offers a referral program, which pays you for referring publishers to the Ezoic platform. 

Before we discuss each of these methods in depth though, let’s learn more about Ezoic as a product.

Ezoic is a platform that helps publishers make more money from their ad revenue.

Ezoic’s technology optimizes ad placements and provides a better user experience for site visitors.

This, in turn, leads to increased earnings for publishers.

Ezoic has been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Digiday.

Now that you know a little more about Ezoic, let’s take a closer look at how you can make money with it.

Become a Publisher on Ezoic to Share Ad Revenue.

Ezoic allows you to install its platform and share in the ad revenue generated.

All Ezoic publishers have to opportunity to set their minimum payout to $20 per month.

Strange, but the reason Ezoic allows such low payouts is that it’s sometimes very difficult to make money with ads and if you end up being lucky, it may take longer to get your money if the payout amount is set at an extremely large amount.

How to Start Serving Ezoic Ads to Make Money (Step by Step Guide)

Step 1.

Confirm that you meet the minimum traffic requirement.

Is your website new? Is it still getting an average of 100 views per month? If this is you then Ezioc might not be a good fit for your website.

And even if you make the application with 100 views per day/month and end up getting approved (which I highly doubt) then you might not make a dollar a day with those views.

So, what’s the minimum requirement for traffic to be accepted by Ezoic? And how much more traffic do you need to begin making good money?

  • Under 10K Monthly Page Views – You can join Ezoic via their Access Now program.
  • Over 10K Monthly Page Views – This allows you to integrate immediately and to begin using all of Ezoic’s features.

To begin making good money though, you will need more traffic.

Step 2. Talk to The Ezoic Team to Help Set You up.

Now, this is something you can do yourself but it will be quicker or more efficient if you let professionals who set up these accounts daily do the heavy lifting for you.

And if you are a hands-on person, continue to step 3 to set up your Ezoic account yourself.

Step 3. Sign up for Ezoic.

You can do this by visiting Ezoic’s website and clicking on the “Sign Up” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

You will then be asked to provide some information about your website, including its URL and monthly traffic volume.

Give the information that Ezoic needs and click on continue to proceed.

Step 4. Allow Ezoic to Test Your Website/Blog

You can do this in a few steps.

  1. Complete account setup
  2. Integrate your site with Ezoic
  3. Set up Ad testing
  4. Set up Ezoic leap

Step 5. Enable Monetization to Begin Making Money With Ezoic.

Once your account has been approved, Ezoic will begin to serve ads on your behalf.

You can then monitor your ad revenue and earnings through the Ezoic dashboard.

Referral Program to Make Extra Money With Ezoic

b). Use The Ezoic Referral Program, to Make Money

You can make money with Ezoic by referring others to its platform.

Ezoic pays you a commission for every publisher that you refer to the platform that meets Ezoic’s traffic requirements.

You can find your referral code in the “Referral Program” section of the Ezoic dashboard.

And how much does the referral program pay you ask? You will earn 3% of the new publisher’s earnings – for as long as they use Ezoic!

Do All Applications on Ezoic Get Approved?

No, not all applications for Ezoic are approved.

An important factor that Ezoic considers when reviewing an application is the website’s quality.

If your website does not meet Ezoic’s quality standards, your application will be denied.

You can increase your chances of being approved by ensuring that your website has:

  • Great on-page SEO.
  • High Ezoic trust score (>75)
  • Good Ezoic UX index score (>70)
  • Valuable content.

Once you have been approved, Ezoic will work to improve your website’s Ezoic Trust Score and Ezoic UX Index as a part of its ongoing optimization.

If my application is rejected, how long should I wait before reapplying?

You should wait 14 days before reapplying for Ezoic review.

If your application is rejected, Ezoic will send you an email with more information about how to improve the quality of your website and increase its Ezoic Trust Score and Ezoic UX Index.

How Much Money Can You Make With Ezoic?

How much Ezoic pays you depends on a lot of factors including:

  • The niche your website is in.
  • Your Ezoic Trust Score and Ezoic UX Index Scores.
  • The number of ad networks integrated into Ezioc’s system, etc…

As such, it is difficult to tell exactly how much money you can make with Ezoic.

Generally speaking, sites with a high Ezoic Trust Score and Ezoic UX Index score will earn more revenue than those with lower scores.

Can I use Ezoic in my German?

Yes, Ezoic works with every website/blog regardless of the language it is in.

However, Ezoic’s system will automatically serve German ads to German websites and English ads to English websites.

This ensures that the ad experience is tailored for each website/blog’s audience.

Ezoic: How Does It Work?

When you sign up for Ezoic, the platform will analyze your website and how visitors interact with it. Ezoic will then optimize the website to improve its Ezoic Trust Score and Ezoic UX Index score, as well as revenue for you.

Ezoic does this by:

Changing the layout of your content (e.g., moving ads around on a page) .

Creating new versions of your website (e.g., Ezioc will create several variations of your homepage, each one with a different Ezoic Trust Score and Ezoic UX Index score).

Collecting data from users who visit these different versions of the site to see which performs better.

Using this information, Ezoic will then optimize your website to improve Ezoic Trust Score and Ezoic UX Index score, as well as revenue for you.

Can I Use Ezoic on My WordPress Site?

Yes, Ezioc works with all websites regardless of the platform they are built on (e.g., Wix).

Ezoic supports blogs built on all major CMS’s, such as WordPress and Squarespace. Ezoic also works with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The only requirement is that your website uses the Ezoic Ads Tester plugin to embed Ezoic ads onto your site pages.


If you got rejected by some other Ad network and are looking for something similar, Ezoic is a great option.

Create your account to begin making money X3 or X5 other ad networks.

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