Things You Need to Know About Dating a Military Man

Things You Need to Know About Dating a Military Man

If you’ve always had a crush on guys in uniform, perhaps you’ve found it difficult finding single military men compared to ‘ordinary joes?’ Here’s a suggestion for you. Join a dating site. The outlets represent the ideal platform for interacting with soldiers who don’t have the time to hang around in nightclubs. As you browse through the personals, you’ll come across a variety of individuals.

Keep an eye out for an attractive serviceman, and send him a ‘wink.’ If you are particularly keen to begin dating a navy seal, you might have to up your come. So pay close attention to our guide to military romance.

He’ll be especially attentive

Dating a navy seal whose day job involves clandestine military missions isn’t going to be the same as going out with a tax officer or gym instructor. His entire outlook will be different, focused on staying in trim condition, and adhering to strict timetables. But when he does get leave, he will embrace his downtime with equal enthusiasm.

When you become a special person in the life of a special services operative, expect to be treated with nothing short of 100% care and attention.

You’re in for an entertaining time

Imagine a boyfriend describing the most irritating thing that happened to them that day was getting stuck in traffic. Now contrast that with someone who might choose to entrust you with snippets of information about the liberation of an oil tanker from pirates. Or the time they were assigned as a personal bodyguard to a prominent politician.

A lot of his activities will be ‘classified information’ he might not feel comfortable sharing, even with a loved one. But there will still be fascinating anecdotes to keep your interest riveted.

Beware of the green-eyed monster

When you are lucky enough to be out with your navy seal socially, picture the scene when you eventually introduce him to your friends. They’ll have heard all about this mysterious man in a uniform, someone who is in their peak physical condition, with well-toned abs, and exuding confidence.

Expect your escort to be the centre of everyone else’s attention. Women, you don’t know might also find it hard to tear their eyes away from this intriguing male, with his alert gaze and brooding expression. The key would be not to feel jealous, but embrace the fact he’s leaving with you tonight.

Everything is direct and to the point

Military men don’t beat about the bush. Past boyfriends might have been into mind games, or perhaps politely deferring a lot of the decision-making to you because they’re ‘new men,’ and metropolitan. Your soldier partner will be used to receiving and giving orders.

There will be no grey areas. He will regard himself as an alpha male, but this also means he will be forceful in doing what he thinks will be best for both of you. So allow yourself to feel appreciated, and prepare to be pampered. He might seem less progressive than you’ve been used to, but he will prioritize your happiness. And will never shy away from commitment.

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