Things you need to know about Giftpesa

Things you need to know about Giftpesa

 An eye-opener,

You might be thinking, wait, why do I need an E-voucher?  We all used to receive vouchers and not just any other gift voucher but a paper voucher.

A small piece of a document scripted on a name and amount of money.

E-vouchers have become widespread in recent years, bringing physical vouchers to a close-end.

With E-vouchers, there is always something for everyone. Whether it’s a seamless process of purchasing, sending, or redeeming a gift voucher,

Giftpesa is a go to for a company or individual.

In terms of age groups and life stages, Giftpesa Evouchers has something ideal for everyone. It appeals to individuals of different personalities; from centennials, millennials and even the oldies.

Here are things you need to know about Giftpesa.

  1. Easy distribution of vouchers. 

Traditionally, distribution of the vouchers was done manually; visit the person to hand them the gift vouchers. This was a very tedious way to give someone a voucher and there was no record of the voucher being received by the right owner of the gift voucher.

Giftpesa has automated the entire digital gifting process  making gift-giving a cost-effective the process to the consumers. With Giftpesa, it allows corporates to disburse bulk vouchers to multiple recipients instantly.

Considering e-voucher as your corporate gifting alternative, it will propel your brand awareness and grow sales.

Anyone that uses Giftpesa, they are able to escape challenges associated with transparency and accountability due to traceability.

Giftpesa provides a convenient and stress free experience for both the gift giver and the receiver.

  1. Safe and Convenient way to gift someone. 

Giftpesa evouchers can not get lost, stolen , washed ,mutilated or become void.

Have you ever received a physical voucher that went missing ,washed or probably you  mistakenly tore the voucher certificate ?

Yes, that can be stressful and painful. This is supposed to be your shopping spree rescue, right?

But now the voucher is missing and you have no voucher to go shopping.

This is why you need to embrace an e-voucher for your recipients.

  1. Universal gift voucher 

Why limit your recipients to one store when they can shop anywhere they want?

As much as gift vouchers are considered as lazy gifting, I disagree with that. Evouchers give the recipients the freedom to choose their own gift.

The receiver has full control of their gifts. Giftpesa vouchers are redeemable across over 150 redemption marketplace across the country.

We have put together all the gifting ideas that one can pick, from  a spa treatment, eateries, beauty and personal care, wellness, households , and much more.

Giftpesa evoucher is the most versatile gift voucher.

  1. No expiry period  

The most interesting thing about the Giftpesa evoucher is that it does not expire.

One is able to track their evoucher and any unutilized evoucher after 12 months, the voucher is credited back to the Giftpesa business account for reallocation.

This means that no single cent is lost.

  5.Most companies are using Giftpesa digital platform.  

Finally, you can get something good for your team without hassle. You want to give your team but you are not sure what kind of gift to give them or if they will even like it. Right? I understand that can be a little hectic, more so if you are planning to give gifts to a large number of people in your organization.

These days, there is no need to worry because Giftpesa has made it easier for companies to give gifts to their employees. Giftpesa is supporting companies to reward their retailers, partners, and end consumers with universal digital vouchers.

Through our gifting management platform, Giftpesa has triggered both internal and external competition, which has increased sales for many organizations.

It’s time for you to contact Giftpesa as your corporate gifting platform.

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