Top 10 Bulk SMS Service Providers in Kenya (+How to Choose)

Top 10 Bulk SMS Service Providers in Kenya (+How to Choose)

Bulk SMS is the most effective marketing technique for brand promotion as Bulk SMS assists you to send a message to a huge number of customers within no time. 

Bulk SMS is the most efficient way to acquire the trust and loyalty of your target audience. 

One can never overemphasize the importance of having adequate communication with customers/clients. As a business owner, maintaining the loyalty of customers should be your top priority.

Text message marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular modern marketing techniques and is a great option for both small and large businesses looking to make a big impact with their customer outreach. This is because the text, unlike other marketing techniques, acts as a direct line to the customer and creates a personal connection between them and your business. Customers are more likely to see and respond positively to a text message than to an email or advertisement.

There are lots of text message marketing apps that offer a way for you to send SMS messages to your customers without manual work. They let you send messages directly from a web app, connect them to your scheduling or booking system so reminders and receipts are sent automatically, create marketing campaigns with special offers, and otherwise automate your SMS outreach.


There are dozens of SMS services out there for pretty much every kind of business you could imagine. Text message marketing services should do much more than just send texts. They are full-scaleSMS marketing services that help you engage with your audience, track results, and improve customer service.

  • Affordable price and easy payment options: This is the very first thing to consider. Especially if you have a small business. You have to consider their price range and payment plan
  • Easy to use: Another thing you have to consider is how easy it is to use.
  • Automation: With this feature, you can send out the same text message or reminders on a regular or recurring basis.
  • personalized/customized SMS: This feature makes it easy to send a mass text campaign without it coming across as a mass text. You should be able to personalize your text messages.
  • Ability to schedule messages: This feature enables your to send out text messages at any date or time whether you are online or offline.
  • Capable of true two-way communication: This is a very important factor to consider. You can’t have a true text marketing service without being able to receive feedback from your customers.
  • Able to integrate with other apps and services: What’s the point of using an sms marketing service if you can’t integrate it into your website or apps!.
  • Surveys and Polls: Gather customer feedback with polls and surveys. The best solutions make it easy to gather feedback with these tools
  • Message templates: If you send the same text message frequently, look for a solution that has a collection of SMS templates that covers every situation or lets you create and save templates so you can send messages faster.
  • Analytics and reports: Any true SMS marketing service will offer helpful reports about your campaigns, contacts, and keywords that you can use to improve future campaigns.
  • Contact management: Contact lists are vital to successful text message marketing campaigns. If it’s hard to manage your contact list or it’s full of old numbers, your contacts won’t receive your message and your campaigns won’t succeed. The best solutions make it easy to add contacts, import existing lists, and scrub lists to ensure only active numbers are on them.
  • Pay Attention to Online Safety & Protect Your Information: An app that allows you to create and use a strong password could help you keep all your personal data hidden and secure. If the program does not have this option – it is better to skip it.

Top 12 Bulk SMS Service Providers in Kenya

Before selecting a Bulk SMS service provider in Kenya, make sure if there are any hidden charges and check thoroughly that there won’t be any fake delivery reports regarding your SMS delivery. From our research, we are mentioning the top 12 Bulk SMS service providers in Kenya:

1. BulkSMS Kenya

The BulkSMS Kenya is one of the best bulk SMS providers in Kenya.

The company is among the most recommended Bulk SMS service providers in the country and it is also a reliable bulk SMS company.

BulkSMS offers both local and international bulk SMS services not to mention how good the company is at offering promotional messages from your CRM system.

If you are looking for a good bulk SMS service provider in the country, you should definitely consider this company when making your decision.

2. Oramobile

The Oramobile bulk SMS company is among the leading bulk SMS service providers in Kenya with a very high recommendation rate from their customers.

The company is an award-winning company that offers free Bulk SMS accounts in major cities and counties in Kenya including, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nakuru just to name a few.

Oramobile is one of the most affordable and pocket-friendly bulk SMS service providers available in the country.

3. Robisearch Limited

The Robisearch Ltd company offers bulk SMS services to a huge number of happy clients in Kenya including some of the well-known Kenyan organizations and firms.

The company is also among the oldest companies offering bulk text messaging services and it has gained a lot of good reputation in the industry which has made it grow and advance quicker.

Their bulk SMS packages which are relatively affordable are among the best in the country, offering way better services compared to their similar business.

4. AdvantaSMS

AdvantaSMS is considered the cheapest Bulk SMS service provider in Kenya offering affordable Bulk SMS packages and an efficient Bulk SMS gateway. 

The company AdvantaSMS makes it easy to send Bulk SMS directly from your mobile, online, or even through the app to the server using a free API.

The company is one of the most pocket-friendly bulk SMS companies, if you are looking for a cheap but highly efficient bulk SMS service provider, this company is one if them.

5. Hubtech

The Hubtech bulk SMS company offers one of the fastest and instant SMS services.

Their customer service is also on point and all their clients are treated with equality and they accept any type of business to work with.

If you are looking for one of Kenya’s best bulk SMS service providers companies, you should also include this company in your list before making your decision.

From instant SMSs, timely alerts, reminders, and CRM, you name it, the company offers it all at one pocket-friendly price.

6. Airtouch

The Airtouch bulk SMS company is among the most affordable bulk SMS service provider today.

The Company has very happy clients who would always recommend the company when it comes to the services they offer and how efficient their services are to their customers.

The company works with institutions such as schools, organizations, large corporations, and any other potential customers who would want to enjoy what the company has to offer.

7. Movetech Solution Limited

Movetech Solution Ltd is one of the most affordable bulk SMS companies in Kenya.

The company is located in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi CBD.

Movetech also offers a free gateway online for bulk SMS services.

The company is loved by some of the biggest organizations in Kenya.

Bulk SMS Price: Ksh. 0.65 per SMS

8. Celcom Africa

Celcom Africa is one of the top Bulk SMS companies in Kenya.

The company offers cheap packages too and instant messaging, and fast delivery.

Celecom Africa software makes it easy to group your messages and easily group your employees, and clients, and send Bulk SMS. They have a reliable and one of the best SMS integration gateway in Kenya.

9. Softwareske

The SoftwareKe bulk SMS company is one of Kenya’s most reliable bulk SMS service provider with a very high recommendation rate from their active customers.

The company offers various services and packages that are affordable and of high quality.

This is one company to consider in Kenya when searching for a reliable bulk SMS service company.

10. Standard Media Group

The Standard Media Group, which owns KTN TV is also among the best bulk SMS providers in Kenya.

The giant company has joined the industry pretty recently and the reputation they have been building can not be ignored or taken lightly.

The company works with big corporates in Kenya including government agencies and private companies.

11. Airtel Kenya

Airtel Kenya which is the second-largest telecommunication company in Kenya also offers bulk SMS services.

The telecommunication company is among the best in the industry and has a very excellent customer care service for their customers and clients.

12. Telkom Kenya

Telkom Kenya, which is the third-largest telecommunication company in Kenya, also offers bulk SMS services.

The company works even better with corporates, SMEs, Kenyan SACCOS, and institutions such as colleges and universities.

Telkom has gained a good reputation in the bulk SMS industry for the past few years.


Those are some of Kenya’s Best Bulk SMS Service Providers Companies that you can be rest assured that they will definitely do a good job.

Chose the bulk SMS service provider that matches your interest and meets your needs and start sending bulk SMS almost immediately.


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