Tunatutu launches a new cooling comforter for hot summer

Tunatutu launches a new cooling comforter for hot summer

Summer is right around the corner, and with warmer weather
on its way, you’re probably looking for ways to keep cool — especially at night
time. If you are someone who overheats while they sleep, you more than likely
already have a set of cooling sheets, but you might also want to invest in a
lightweight cooling comforter before the temperatures really rise.

If you’re looking to upgrade your summer bedding, look no
further. Tunatutu must be the best choice for you. Because It’s so chill, so
airy, so soft, and still has enough weight to feel like a true comforter.

Hear about Instantice™ before? Of course not. Because it is
a brand-new name of their proprietary fiber. Why do they need to create new
material? Because Tunatutu tried and tested many different types of material to
be the shell, but nothing really felt right...so they decided to take matters
into their own hands! To create a real cool-down fiber.

Tunatutu team worked with material experts for a whole year
trying to make a totally new fiber that can cool your body down once you touch
it. Finally, through modification of thermal conductivity of fiber with nanoparticles, it works. Plus, through the dense yarn and rigorous woven process
ensure the silk of the comforter, no pilling, no snagging.

You will feel refreshed and comfortable underneath of cooling
blanket, just like the moment you open the refrigerator door during hot summer.

The cooling blanket is not just a touch of cool and soft,
but you can easily absorb your body temperature. This will keep you comfortable
during the summer months with no worries about getting too hot or tired from
working outside in this kind of weather! 

And that's not all. The environment is also taken into
consideration. Scientists and engineers are working with the challenge of
finding ways to produce materials without harming our environment. so they
decide to use methods that involve less energy or processing steps than before
in order for them to still be able to create what they need!

For the filling, Sorona® is their choice. We also know that 37%
of the polymer is made from renewable plant-based ingredients. The revolutionary
Bio-PDO compound turns a formerly chemical process into an eco-efficient
biological one. It not only generates clean energy but also helps save the
environment by replacing harmful chemicals with nature’s own resources, like
plants and microorganisms!

Here is one thing needed to mention, they are even
paying more attention to the package. FSC Certified package is essential. The
inner package is even a cotton material bag that can be reused in any

We know that the global threat of climate change is caused
in part by making and delivering goods. Businesses must be part of the
solution. That kind of behavior is really what we need. Although we know that
collectively we still have a long way to go to mitigate climate change.

Basically, Tunatutu aims to keep products in use longer and
still continue to think about how they can give them new life when you're done
using them.

The brand-new cooling comforter created by Tunatutu will not
only cool your body down but also our planet.

This cooling comforter is available now on Kickstarter with
special pricing and incentives for early adopters. Learn more here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tunatutu/the-cooling-comforter-for-this-summer

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