Where to Buy School Uniforms in Nairobi | Location | Contacts | Prices (+Scouts Uniform)

Where to Buy School Uniforms in Nairobi | Location | Contacts | Prices (+Scouts Uniform)

This is a list of the best school uniforms dealers in Nairobi. The list focuses on renowned manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of quality school uniforms that are fairly priced to meet the needs of each and every individual.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best school uniforms dealers in Nairobi.

1. Uniform Distributors Ltd

Uniform Distributors Ltd was established in 1972. It is a leading supermarket for all types of uniforms and equipment for educational institutions, companies, hotels, hospitals and government organisations. All products are of high quality and fairly priced.

Location: Duruma Road, Next to Kampala Coach.

Contact: 0733 456 422.

2. School Outfitters

School Outfitters are renowned school uniforms manufacturers and distributors in Kenya. They manufacture and supply quality school uniforms that are fairly priced to meet the needs and budget of everyone.

Location: Along Muindi Mbingu Street.

Contact: 0725 937 458.

3. Image First Ltd

Image First is a one-stop uniform shop dedicated to providing all of its customers with school uniforms of the highest quality along with excellent service. All uniforms are locally manufactured to the highest standards.

Location: Regal Plaza, Parklands.

Contacts: 0704 448 402, 0733 556 600.

4. Kawa Garments Ltd

Kawa Garments is a leading uniform manufacturing company that specialises in school, staff and security uniforms. The company has extensive experience in the industry and are a trusted partner of many customers.

Contact: 0716 020 055.

Email: info@kawagarments.co.ke.

5. Animet Ltd

Animet Ltd prides itself in providing quality uniforms for schools, domestic and industrial use. It has become a household name for uniforms and is highly recommended by most private schools in Nairobi as their preferred stockist of uniforms. The company has outlets located at Yaya Centre, T-Mall, Diamond Plaza and The Hub Karen.

Contact: 0701 018 180.

Email: uniforms@animet.co.ke.

6. Keagles Knitwear

Keagles is a leading manufacturer and supplier of school uniforms, corporate, sportswear and hospitality uniforms. They provide services from apparel patterning, branding, sampling, to manufacturing of orders both large and small.

Location: KCB Plaza, Jogoo Road, Ground Floor, Shop No 2.

Contacts: 0713 532 720, 0733 500 501.

7. Riera Tex

Riera Tex is a well-established business that manufactures and supplies high-quality school and staff uniforms in Kenya. It offers quality clothing that is resistant to fading, shrink-resistant and absorbent.

Location: 1st Floor, Nightrose House, Kirinyaga Road.

Contact: 0725 843 984.

8. Greendo

Greendo is a medium-sized company that deals with selling and supplying school and staff uniforms, safety and sports equipment, uniforms and other promotional items.

Location: Greenspan Mall, Donholm.

Contact: 0719 494 997.

9. Weaverbird Garment

They design uniforms for primary and secondary schools including sports kits, boys and girls skirts, shorts, dresses, sweaters, trousers, shirts, ties and socks. They have branches in Thika, TRM Mall and River Road.

Contact: 0722 264 464, 020 205 1487.

10. The Uniform Store

The Uniform Store is a new retailer of school and corporate uniforms. It specialises in providing quality uniforms for schools in Kenya as well as corporates. Their stores are located in Lavington Mall and Galleria Mall.

Contact: 020 258 6997.

Where to Buy Scouts Uniform in Nairobi | Prices

Scouts are basically young people found all over the world who embrace an informal type of education and conduct activities such as camping, sports, woodcraft, and backpacking. In most cases, especially in Kenya, the scouts also have a duty to raise and lower the Kenyan national flag.

For their recognition, scouts have uniforms. Scouts’ uniforms in Kenya distinguish them from other local people, thus making them respected in society.

You may want to be in a position to know where to buy scout uniforms in Nairobi. If that is the case, then here are some of the places where they can be bought: scout uniform shops and Uniform Distributors Limited are the most common and well-known places to buy scout uniforms.

Get the latest scout uniform price list from any scout shop or uniform shop near you. Here you will be able to compare the prices of each item before conducting any form of purchase.

You may be interested in knowing how much a scout uniform costs. The cost of a scout uniform ranges from Ksh. 2,000 to Ksh. 4,000 on average.

Getting a Scout uniform near you is one of the best ideas you can think of. Here, there is an assurance that you will save a lot in terms of transportation costs and time.

The Sungura scout uniform is the most common and well-known uniform type. The Sungura uniform normally has a yellow scarf as compared to the ordinary uniform. The uniforms are available for both girls and boys.


I am sure you have all the information on where to buy uniforms in Nairobi and the prices. Since you have that kind of information, then nothing should stop you from carrying out your purchase. Visit any uniform shop near you and buy the uniforms without hesitation.
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