Download TSC Confirmation of Appointment [PDF]

TSC- Application for confirmation of appointment form. Download for free here

If you are a newly employed TSC teacher, then you will be expected to work on probation before you are employed on permanent and pensionable terms. Probation usually takes a minimum period of six (6) months but can be longer than this.

The teacher’s effective date of employment is the first day you report to duty and a casualty is sent to the Commission such that your salary is processed. At the end of your probation period, you should apply to the Commission so as your terms of employment are changed.

The application for confirmation is done in writing through your Principal/ Head Teacher. This should be done a month before the expiry of the probation period.

To apply, for confirmation of employment, you are supposed to fill out the ‘application for confirmation of employment form‘ and which must be endorsed by the Principal/ Head Teacher. Four copies of this form are required. Details on this form include: Teacher’s name, TSC Number, Grade (entry grade), date of appointment, name of current institution and the teacher’s self assessment report.

The Principal/ Head Teacher’s comments are very vital as TSC gives them consideration before deciding on whether to offer you permanent terms.


Download TSC Confirmation of Appointment [PDF]

Remember, TSC may fail to confirm you on a permanent basis if your TPAD rating is deemed to be unsatisfactory. Confirmation may also be denied if you are found guilty of any of the following;

  • If you are absconding duty without express permission,
  • When you engage in unethical conduct such as but not limited to immoral behaviour, professional misconduct and being of infamous conduct as stipulated in the Code of Regulations for Teachers, CORT,
  • Disregarding orders from your bosses,
  • If your performance is not satisfactory and not in line with the relevant provisions of the Code of Regulations and Code of Conduct & Ethics for teachers.

These are only but a few of the reasons as to why the Commission may fail to confirm you. Remember, your employment may also be terminated during the probation period. Get full details here; TSC- A list of all offences that can lead to a teacher’s interdiction and the evidence required.

Once confirmed, TSC will send a confirmation letter that spells out your employment terms. At this juncture, you qualify to get a pension from the government but after serving for a minimum of ten (10) years or upon retirement.

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